Toronto school board promises prom will survive

Matthew Coutts
Daily Brew
February 7, 2013
The Toronto District School Board wants to know what the public thinks of paying poor students in return for getting good grades.

The Toronto District School Board has its priorities straight these days: It is moving ahead with prom!

The Toronto Star reports that high school students will still have their end-of-year celebration, despite an ongoing "work to rule" campaign by teachers upset at government-enacted contracts.

The Toronto District School Board surveyed principals last week and learned that 98 per cent of schools already had graduation parties booked. The remaining schools had other events planned.

The realization that prom was going full-speed ahead prompted one trustee to withdraw a motion asking school to ensure the parties were held, the Star reports.

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According to the newspaper, student trustee Kourosh Houshmand told a board meeting last night that students have suffered from the lack of extracurricular activities and deserved a win.

Prom would be that win.

Ontario high school teachers'  unions have seen a bit of an internal struggle recently after the Liberal government used a controversial bill to freeze salaries, roll back benefits and remove the right to strike.

The union has continued to call for a boycott on extracurricular activities such as coaching or supervising clubs.

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But some teachers claim the ongoing ban only hurts students. Those dissidents faced shunning by fellow teachers and threats that they would be reported to the union.

That won’t seem to affect the plans for prom, however, which will likely go ahead without the assistance of teachers.

Prom for the win, as the kids might say.