University of British Columbia pedestrian staircase captures third car in two weeks

A Mercedes is shown stuck on stairs at the University of British Columbia. (via Twitter/AMS Student Society) (Twitter)

Visit any university campus across the country and you’re bound to see some common sights - some students studying in the quad, others engaging in spirited debate.

But at the University of British Columbia there is an attraction no found anywhere else – a set of pedestrian stairs that has recently become a magnet for automobiles.

In the past two weeks, three different cars have become stuck after off-roading their way across campus and plunging down a set of five stairs.

The stairs appear to be part of a pedestrian walkway between two streets, Student Union Boulevard and East Mall, a walkway that apparently seems to pass for a driveway in some eyes.

According to Vancity Buzz, three cars have become stuck on the stairs since October 5, when a Mercedes SUV attempted the trek.

The second incident happened on October 11, when a Volkswagen made the same error in judgement.

On Tuesday night, a taxicab was caught on video in the same precarious position.

Serendipitously, the Ubyssey student newspaper captured video of the Volkswagen and Mercedes rescue efforts.

The University of British Columbia did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Yahoo Canada News, but The Province reports the area is bereft of barriers or signage keeping drivers off of the pathway.

Via The Province:

There are no bollards or barricades in place to prevent cars from accidentally driving on to the walkway between Student Union Boulevard and East Mall, and the wide set of stairs has no handrails.

Though it is designated for pedestrians only, there are signs along the walkway warning vehicles not to stop because it is a fire lane.

A university spokesman told the newspaper that they intended to place a hand railing down the centre of the staircase to avoid future problems, though there was no time frame for when that would be done.

The UBC’s Alma Mater Society, however, has already posted a cheeky sign at the top of the stairs, reading: “Attn Drivers: don’t!”

If only it was that easy.