Why might have Luka Rocco Magnotta sent body parts to Vancouver?

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Montreal police said Wednesday that they believe the foot and hand mailed to two Vancouver-area schools Tuesday, were linked to the grisly killing of 33-year-old Jun Lin.

The body parts were mailed from Montreal, and the packaging and addresses on the boxes were similar to the packages addressed to Conservative and Liberal party headquarters.

DNA testing will be conducted this week to confirm.

While police proceed with DNA testing to confirm, both the police and public alike are asking this question: why would Luka Rocco Magnotta -- the alleged suspect in the killing of Jun Lin -- send body parts all the way to Vancouver?

Shock and awe:

Jim Van Allen, a criminal profiler who assisted in the Paul Bernardo investigation, told Yahoo! Canada News that he suspects Magnotta would have sent the body parts to Vancouver schools for the same reason he would have sent body parts to political parties in Ottawa.

"[The schools] are public, the receipt of the parts are guaranteed to shock and garner maximum media attention," he said.

"I theorize that a pathological need for attention is at least one underlying motive in these allegations. I wouldn't expect there would be a more direct link to the schools."

So far, five body parts — two hands, two feet and a torso — have been found in three Canadian cities.

But Montreal police confirmed Wednesday that the head is the only body part yet to be found.

And what about the head?

Van Allen told the Globe and Mail that in most cases involving decapitation, the head isn't recovered.

"But this guy's a little different and nothing would surprise me about him — not if he mailed it to the Vatican."

Porn film link to Vancouver:

Magnotta appears in at least one gay porn short film produced by Streetbait.com.

According to Vancouver journalist Jeremy Hainsworth, Streetbait Films generally included a guy and woman who would lure a supposedly straight guy to some cheap apartment.

"These things were just cheaply produced little porn shorts, supposedly to titillate this sort of fantasy that exists in the gay community about getting a straight guy," he told CKWX News 1130 in Vancouver.

Hainsworth adds that the production had a Vancouver office and that one film featuring Magnotta looks like it may have been shot in Vancouver's West End.

Bankruptcy debt in Vancouver suburb:

Magnotta's list of debts of about $17,000 includes his largest outstanding debt being $6,882 owed to an auto-leasing company in Burnaby.

According to PostMedia News, Magnotta's other debts included the following:

* $800 to the City of Toronto for parking tickets.

* $500 owed to Bally's Total Fitness in Scarborough.

* $200 for unpaid toll charges on Highway 407.

* $1,400 in cellphone bills from Rogers and Bell Mobility.

* $2,500 on back rent for an apartment in Toronto's Mount Pleasant area.

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