WikiLeaks drama explained in 1:41 minutes

Anyone who's confused by the WikiLeaks drama that has captured the world's attention over the past few weeks will find the following computer animation very useful.

The best part is when a Canadian character starts chasing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange through the streets with a bazooka with the subtitle, "Some officials say he should be assassinated." This, of course, was inspired by comments comments made by former Stephen Harper aide Tom Flanagan who suggested the Assange should be hunted down for the global diplomatic row his leaks caused.

Created by the Taiwan computer animation production house Next Media Animation, the clip is currently gaining momentum on news blogs and social networks.

NMA TV has become famous for re-enacting major news events with CGI characters. Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen and Barack Obama are just a few of the newsmakers who have been targeted by the site.

The graphics look more like scenes from a Sims video game than a newscast, but more often than not it's the English subtitles that steal the show by revealing the creators' unique perception of North American and European scandals.