Winnipeg furniture store Kern-Hill spoofs itself to help humane society

Advertising trends come and go, but there must be a timeless quality to the tackiest television spots ever produced in Canada.

So, when the Winnipeg Humane Society wanted to get the word out about the abundance of cats available for adoption, it turned to Kern-Hill Furniture, known throughout the decades for encouraging customers to "C'mon Down!"

Andy Hill, the "number one son" of the store's late 10 gallon-hatted huckster Nick Hill, who died in 2003, was a natural choice to draw attention to "Kitty Midnight Madness."

"Looks like someone left the kitty machine on overnight," he drawled. "And now we have a cat-tasrophe on our hands."

While the video was tied to a "Paw-jama" party hosted by the humane society last week, the video went viral afterward, drawing attention to both the animal shelter and the quirky marketing heritage of Kern-Hill.

Three decades ago, similar commercials inspired the satirical "SCTV" spots for Tex & Edna Boil's Organ Emporium, where a free budgie was promised with each purchase.

But now Kern-Hill risks becoming internationally famous for helping to find homes for "Girl cats! Boy cats! Used-to-be boy cats!"

Andy even suggested that, rather than buying a new couch at the store to replace a ripped one, that an adopted feline could help cover the hole instead.

Watch the "Kitty Midnight Madness" spot below: