Woman sentenced for super glue assault on B.C. baby

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Woman sentenced for super glue assault on B.C. baby

RCMP say a British Columbia woman has been sentenced to four months in prison for a bizarre assault on a baby with super glue.

Const. Dennis Huang says officers were called in February 2013.

A seven-week-old infant had been rushed to hospital, where the doctor noticed a chemical smell and mysterious residue on his ears.

Upon examination, the doctor found hardened plastic in the infant’s ear canals.

The baby boy needed surgery to remove the substance later identified as super glue. Officers realized the appearance of the substance was not an accident.

The case, detailed Tuesday as part of the detachment’s Closed Case series, turned into a lengthy investigation.

“As investigators dug deeper, a bizarre tale unfolded of deceit, jealously, and the cultural pressures to conceive male offspring,” Huang says.

Reports from the time say Wei Wang was the mother of two girls and was overcome with jealousy when her husband’s sister gave birth to a boy.

Based on information in the application to obtain a search warrant, media reports said Wang was also worried she might lose out on a family inheritance because she had no sons.

Both families lived together in a home shared with the grandparents but the young couples did not get along, according to the police information.

Thirty-year-old Wang was convicted last December on one count of aggravated assault.

Huang tells Yahoo Canada News that the woman was sentenced to four months in prison and two years of probation.

“This was a bizarre, yet extremely sad case,” Cpl. Chris Tarasoff says in the RCMP news release.

“There were many investigators involved and it was emotionally trying at times. We do have a message though; we have zero tolerance towards any types of crimes against children. These crimes will not be tolerated and we will investigate them to the full extent of the law.”

Tarasoff says the boy will likely make a full recovery.