London 2012: What to watch, August 8th

I'm sure we're all still feeling a little less than enamoured with the Olympic ideal after the Canadian women's soccer team was jobbed by some pretty bad officiating. It wasn't as bad as the '72 Summit Series in Moscow, but, methinks Christine Sinclair might have gone all J.P Parise on the ref had she been holding a Hespeler in her hand. Bless you, Christine. Now, go take it out on the French. The women's soccer bronze medal game is on Thursday, so more on that tomorrow. No, wait. More, now, on Christine Sinclair. If she plays angry on Thursday - check that - even angrier than usual - there could be French bodies writhing all over the field, abandoned there by an overtaxed stretcher brigade. Swear to God, if Christine Sinclair had a staring contest with Mark Messier, not only would she win it, "Mess" would be his nickname because of the pile of tears she'd leave him in. Okay. Now I'm done with Christine Sinclair. For now.

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"Day August 8th" sees Canada looking for big things from Adam van Koeverden. In his only event of these Olympics, the 1,000 metre kayak race, he's the stone cold fave. Blasted his way past the competition in both his heat and then the semi final on Monday. Gotta root for this guy, and not just because he's Canadian. Little story: Once, while I was hosting a morning radio show in Toronto and Adam was scheduled as an in-studio guest, I complained loudly, on the air, that I had no peanut butter to spread on my croissant. The cafe downstairs didn't have any. A little later that morning, Adam shows up, and presents me with about a half dozen of those little peanut butter packages. He'd made a pit stop just to get them for me. Yeah, I know, it's not a big deal. But it shows he's a hell of a guy. And the power of having a morning radio show. Bet you can't get that kind of insight anywhere else. And by the way, don't judge me for putting peanut butter on a croissant, 'til you try it. Watch AvK go for gold, 4:30 am ET, on CTV.

Don't forget about Mark Oldershaw, either. While van Koeverden's choice of craft in the thousand is a kayak, Oldershaw has more of the Coureur de Bois spirit, opting for canoe. Hope he doesn't have too much of that spirit, though, or a massive load of beaver pelts will really slow him down. I did a grade 6 project on the fur trade and thought I'd never, ever need that info. It could be argued that it wasn't really needed here, I know. But it's the best I could do considering I don't have a cool Oldershaw/peanut butter story. He'll race for a medal at approximately 4:56 am ET, also on CTV.

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We're getting closer and closer to the end of the beach volleyball competition and that can't come soon enough. No, I do not have anything against scantily clad people shaking sand out of their bikinis after every point. In fact, that might be the best part. It's just that, buddy, in charge of the stadium music, seems to really love "Another One Bites The Dust." Stop already. By the way, if you think the beach volleyball outfits are something now, just think - the 2016 Olympic Games are being held in Rio. Rio! The possibilities are endless. Or, topless. The women's gold medal match goes Wednesday at 4pm ET, TSN.

Oh, yeah. Usain Bolt runs again. Did you know that I timed myself typing "Usain Bolt has repeated as the Olympic 100 metre sprint champion" and I was not able to type it as fast as he was able to run it? I like my chances better in the 200, although that's pushing it. Bolt looks to pull off the Olympic double repeat on Thursday. But first, he needs to book an appointment for that, running the semi final on "Day August 8th." 3:10 pm ET, CTV. Canadians Jared Connaughton and Aaron Brown are in the semi's, too.

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After failing to grab a medal in the team equestrian event, a couple of Canadian horse/rider combos are in the thick of it in the individual competition. Or, really, we should call this the "pairs" competition. Ian Millar, 65 years old and in his record 10th Olympic Games, will try to guide his trusty steed "Star Power" around the course and over the jumps and up to the podium. Do they have a giant podium, for the horses to stand on? Not really sure, but that would be a great sight to see. Also, they should have giant medals to hang around the horse's neck. Eric Lamaze is the other Canadian hope here, on his horse, "Derly Chin de Muze." That's French for "Derly Chin of Muze." I did not take French in school, opting instead to study the fur trade. Coureur de Bois would be a terrific name for a horse. Horse jumping begins at 7 am ET, on CTV.

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