Heavy snowfall on the way for Southern Ontario


An Alberta Clipper storm that is currently dusting snow across southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba is expected to swing into Ontario for Thursday afternoon, bringing heavy snow to south-central and eastern parts of the province, including the Greater Toronto Area.

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Southwestern Ontario will likely get around 2-5 cm of snow as the bulk of the precipitation passes through central Ontario. At least 5-10 cm of snow are expected in Hamilton and the GTA, with higher amounts possible in some areas. Further to the east, the numbers climb, with 10-15 cm likely starting in Oshawa, and up to 25 cm possible closer to Kingston and Brockville. The snowfall tapers off further east, but Ottawa and Montreal could still see about 5-10 cm before Friday.

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Temperatures are expected to be relatively mild to the south of the system, with highs around freezing from Windsor to east of the GTA. Further east will get colder temperatures along with the heavier snow, with highs closer to -10°C towards Kingston, and more like -15°C to -20°C in Ottawa and Montreal, and the winds accompanying the system, around 30 km/h, will make those temperatures feel about 10 degrees colder.

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