Let’s send the ‘Saskatchanaut’ into space!


Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan science teacher Stephen Lys wants to go to space — so much so that he created an entirely new online persona known as 'Saskatchanaut' to get there.

“I thought people would get behind a character more than they’d get behind just some guy,” he told The Canadian Press.

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Lys is currently ranked 10th in the AXE Apollo Space Academy contest, but he needs more votes in order to reach the stars (or at least low Earth orbit).

With the Canadian Space Agency being accused of 'ad hocery' with its plans, and the future of Canada's spaceflight program uncertain, this writer thinks that we should build upon the successes of Cmdr Chris Hadfield, and get more Canadians into space.

The AXE Apollo Space Academy contest will send two Canadians to Space Camp in Orlando, Florida. There, they will compete to be included in an international team that will fly into space courtesy of the space tourism company Space Expedition Corporation (SXC).

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There are many people already signed up for the contest, but of all the reasons seen so far, Lys' is the most compelling and inspirational (at least to this writer).

"I WANT TO GO TO SPACE BECAUSE... I teach Science to high school students and would like to show them how technology and determination are changing the [way] we see our role in the universe."

Check out Stephen's profile and vote for him on the AASA site (click here), and you can offer him your support on Twitter (@saskatchanaut) and Facebook as well.

Godspeed, Saskatchanaut!

(Images courtesy: SXC/AXE Canada)

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