Tornado touchdown confirmed in Ottawa on Monday night

Ontario has now recorded its 10th tornado of the season, as a twister touched down east of Ottawa Monday evening.

The tornado, which Environment Canada ranked as a weak EF0, with wind speeds between 90-110 km/h, formed over Pine View Golf Course, just east of the city core, and according to CBC News, the staff of the course said that between 20 and 30 trees were brought down.

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"It's bizarre because it's about a 30-yard-wide path, almost a straight line, diagonally through the property," Scott Mikkelsen, a staff member at the course, told CBC News. "On either side of that 30-yard-wide path, things are untouched."

As is becoming fairly common these days, local residents recorded the tornado as it formed:

There have been nine other confirmed tornadoes in Ontario so far this season. Seven of these were EF0 tornadoes — the weakest rank on the tornado scale — but an EF1 tornado was spotted near Shelburne, in Dufferin county, on April 18th, and an EF2 tornado was seen near Glenarm, in the Kawartha Lakes area, on May 21st.

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Ottawa apparently wasn't the only place to experience tornadoes on Monday. There were reports in both Wyoming and Kansas, and there was even a tornado in Milan, Italy, that a local resident captured video of (Warning: given the content of the video, if you speak Italian, there may be swearing):

The video from Milan is an excellent example of what NOT to do during a tornado. It may be tempting to get some great footage, but it's better to live through it with your memories of the event than it is to die trying to get pictures or video.

(Image and videos courtesy: YouTube)

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