Why does Kate Middleton always have to be pregnant?

Lizbeth Scordo
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"So, when are you going to start a family?" It's a question lots of couples get asked by relatives and friends soon after they get married, or even before, depending on the patience of their loved ones. (The fact that implying someone doesn't actually have a family unless he or she has children is kind of offensive to begin with, but that's a topic for another article.)

But imagine if it wasn't just your mom and your Aunt Mildred pressuring you to procreate, but the entire world. That's basically been the situation Prince William and wife Kate Middleton have been in since they first announced their engagement back in November 2010. Why? Well, everyone loves a good royal heir, I guess … despite the fact he or she most likely wouldn't take the throne until most of us are long gone.
Since their April 2011 wedding, the media has studied Middleton's every move, looking for any clue that might indicate the Duchess of Cambridge could have a royal bun in the oven — whether it's a hand on her stomach, a purse perched in front of her midriff, or "bump photos" which usually involve pointing out that the super-slim Middleton's torso isn't concave.

Then, of course, there was the now-famous peanut paste incident, which lots of people really thought meant she was preggers. Back in November, Middleton said "no thank you" to an offer to eat peanut paste while visiting a UNICEF aid center in Denmark, prompting pregnancy rumors to swirl, since expectant women are often discouraged from eating peanuts in order to prevent allergies in their children. It had, after all, been more than six months since the couple tied the knot, so she must be pregnant, right? It couldn't have been that she just wasn't hungry.

Kate's latest mother-to-be-move? At Tuesday's state banquet dinner in Singapore, one of the stops on the royal couple's tour of the Far East and South Pacific, the 30-year-old turned down wine and toasted the Queen with a glass of water, while her husband knocked back a glass of Bordeaux. The alcohol-free-moment-must-mean-she's-pregnant story has since been reported everywhere from the New York Daily News to The Washington Post to "Live With Kelly and Michael."

In other breaking news, the Associated Press interviewed a student in Singapore who overheard someone asking Prince William, 30, how many children he'd eventually like to have, to which he responded he was "thinking about" having two. Is one of them already on the way? Maybe. But maybe not. What's the rush? Can't Will and Kate enjoy a little more time as a couple before they have to dive into diaper duty and 3 a.m. feedings? Or at least until their servants have to?

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