• Four elderly bears were captured on video experiencing freedom for the first time after being confined to cages for 20 years.

    Fifi, Bruno, Pocahontas and Marsha were part of a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania that shut down in 1995, reports Inside Edition.

    When the attraction closed down, the animals were forced into tiny cages, where they suffered physical and mental ailments. Fifi appeared to have arthritis.

    Animal activist group PETA rescued the bears and drove them across the country to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. 

    There, they got to experience grass under their feet on the two 15-acre permanent habitats for the first time in two decades. There were also underground dens for when it’s time to hibernate.

    “These bears have been living in conditions … in which they’re deprived of everything that is natural and important for them,” Brittany Peet, PETA’s deputy director of captive animal law enforcement, told the Times-Tribune.

    The bears are said to be adjusting to their new

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  • Hugh Jackman surprises young Wolverine fan for Make-A-Wish Foundation

    “Hang on one sec, I’m going to find a really cool way to show you!”

    An Australian boy with Cystic Fibrosis was thrilled to get the chance to chat with his hero, Hugh Jackman, on live air while visiting a local radio station. But little did nine-year-old Domenic know that the Wolverine himself was actually waiting in another room at the station, preparing to surprise the young comic book fan.

    When the hosts of the “Kyle & Jackie O Show” got the Australian actor on the line, they informed him that one of his biggest fans was in the studio, eager to chat with him. The boy was told Jackman was on set, filming.

    “Hi Hugh Jackman,” said Domenic, bursting with excitement.

    “You can call me, Hugh,” the Wolverine replied. “You don’t have to call me by my full name.”

    Domenic, who had made a request to meet the actor through Make a Wish, then asked him what his favourite Wolverine action pose and line was. Jackman replied: “Hang on one sec, I’m going to find a really cool way to show you!” Seconds later the star burst into the studio and struck a fierce Wolverine

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  • Joseph Grant breathes a sigh of relief as he holds a bag containing some of the recovered cash. (Photo: GFL Environmental)Joseph Grant breathes a sigh of relief as he holds a bag containing some of the recovered cash. (Photo: GFL Environmental)

    It was an unlikely turn of events for newlywed Joseph Grant, who wasn’t expecting to sort through loads of reeking garbage shortly after his wedding.

    But when all of the wedding gift cash was accidentally thrown into the dumpster, Grant ditched his tuxedo to put on a pair of work boots and a hard hat in order to get it back.

    Grant and his wife, Paula Horatio, were packing up to leave after their wedding reception at Carmen’s Banquet Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, this past weekend. The newlywed couple didn’t realize they left behind a garbage bag containing envelopes and cards with cash and cheques from their guests, The Hamilton Spectator reports.

    So Grant returned on Monday to Carmen’s after getting into contact with the operations director, Matthew Abraham, the day before.

    From there, Abraham called the waste management company, GFL (Green for Life) Environmental, for help. They arranged for the garbage to be picked up earlier than usual on Tuesday and then dumped it at a disposal

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  • You can never predict how your kids are going to react when they learn that they are going to have a new baby brother or sister.  

    But one mother-to-be recorded her five-year-old son’s reaction to learning that she is pregnant. His reaction is priceless.

    In video shared on YouTube by Sarah Bromby, you can hear her as she explains to her son, Ethan, that she is pregnant. Bromby even gave Ethan a photo from her ultrasound as proof.

    Ethan is quite thrilled to hear the news, and asks: “That’s your baby? Is it growing? It’s in your belly just now? Is it!?”

    His excitement continues to grow as Bromby confirms the news. Ethan then adorably shouts out “I’m going to be a new big brother!”

    Ethan’s curiosity continues as he starts asking his mom how she made the baby and why. It’s enough to make anyone’s heart melt.  

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  • Tanner was allegedly stolen in June from a family in B.C.Tanner was allegedly stolen in June from a family in B.C.

    One British Columbia family’s beloved dog has been reunited with its owners. Strangely, the family spotted the dog while camping more than 100 kms north of where it originally went missing.

    Tanner, the year old Lab-mix was reunited with its owners, a family from Sooke B.C., two-and-a-half months after it disappeared, CTV News reports.

    This past June, the Otteson family reported that their dog had gone missing in the Facebook group “Missing Elsewhere in B.C. Dogs.”

    But to the astonishment of the family, they were reunited with Tanner while they were camping in Parksville earlier this month.

    “It is nothing short of a miracle,” Otteson shared on Facebook. “We were camping over the weekend and found her! I am still in shock and I can’t believe it.”

    Otteson and her kids were out for a walk when they passed by someone walking a dog that looked very similar to Tanner.

    “I looked at Tanner and she looked at me and that was it!” Otteson said.

    CTV reported that the family believes Tanner was

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  • (Photo: YouTube)(Photo: YouTube)

    Trevor Harper and his boyfriend, Davis Covin, have been dating since 2006. They’ve been members of the First United Methodist Church of Austin for the past two years.

    “That church has been, for us, really the first time we have really been able to live out loud as a people,” Harper told BuzzFeed.

    So when Harper decided to propose this past Sunday, he knew he wanted to do it front of the church they love. 

    In the two-minute video posted on YouTube, Harper and Covin were asked to share their faith story with the congregation.

    “God willing, we might even get to walk down the aisle of this church we love so much, and nothing means more than that,” Harper said in the video. “But there’s a lot of work to be done before that happens, and one of the most important things that needs to happen before we do that is I probably should, with the permission of your parents…”

    At this point Harper takes his boyfriend’s hand and brings him out to the front of the altar, bending down on one knee

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  • Little girl gets the coolest 3D-printed arm from designer also missing an arm

    “It’s amazing and I love the colours! I’m going to use it for as many things as I can!”

    (Photo: YouTube)(Photo: YouTube)

    A little girl got the surprise of her life when she opened a box containing a 3D-printed arm, allowing her to use both of her arms for the very first time. 

    Isabella Jenkins from Bristol, England, was given a pink and purple arm by volunteers at e-NABLE, a nonprofit group that pairs those in need of a 3D-printed hand with people eager to build one.

    Stephen Davies with her newest fan, Isabella. (Photo: YouTube)Stephen Davies with her newest fan, Isabella. (Photo: YouTube)The eight-year-old girl’s arm was made by Stephen Davies, a tester and producer who happens to have his own 3D-printed arm, e-NABLE reports.

    “It’s amazing and I love the colours!” Isabella told e-NABLE. “I’m going to use it for as many things as I can!”

    Davies traveled from Wales to personally deliver the 3D-printed arm to his first recipient. He posted the sweet Isabella’s reaction on YouTube.

    In the video, Isabella is seen tearing the box open and  beaming when she realizes what’s inside. She immediately tries it on and starts to wiggle her fingers before picking up a figurine on the windowsill.

    “I will be buzzing for weeks just from

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  • (Photo: YouTube)(Photo: YouTube)

    Rushing water and falling rain couldn’t stop one brave volunteer from crawling into a storm drain in West Virginia and rescuing a drowning kitten.

    Dorella Tuckwiller, president of of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, crawled head-first into a storm drain pipe located underneath a driveway in order to rescue a barely-breathing kitten, the Laughing Squid reports. It was raining at the time and the water level in the drain pipe was quickly rising. 

    Video footage shows a fire crew member pull Tuckwiller out of the storm pipe by her waist with a rope. As Tuckwiller stands, cheers from the onlooking crowd erupt as she passes the tiny kitten to emergency workers. 

    After the heroic incident, Tuckwiller spoke to the Charleston Gazette, saying she was very frightened for the safety of the kitten.

    “My biggest fear was I was going to lose him,” Tuckwiller said. “If I had dropped him… that was my biggest fear was not being able to hold him above the water and dropping him. I don’t climb in storm

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  • Dog saves woman and gets a new home in return

    “It has been such a crazy journey."

    (Photo: SWNS)(Photo: SWNS)

    A stray dog that saved a woman from attackers is being kindly rewarded in the form of a home.

    Georgia Bradley was taking a stroll during a holiday in Georgioupoli, Crete, when a pair of aggressive men approached her. 

    When they started to grab her after she turned down their advances, a black dog leapt out and started barking. The men were scared away and the 25-year-old credits the dog for saving her, reports The Telegraph.

    The scruffy pooch, believed to be a poodle terrier cross, followed Bradley back to her apartment. They instantly bonded and she tried to convince a local animal shelter to let her adopt the dog, who she named Pepper, but they wouldn’t let her.

    “When we left to go to the airport, we looked back and Pepper was running after the car. It was heartbreaking,” she told the Telegraph.

    Upon returning home to Calstock, Cornwall, Bradley couldn’t stop thinking about the dog, and booked a flight back to Greece two weeks later.

    Her mission to find her rescue animal turned into

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  • (Thinkstock)(Thinkstock)

    In a very realistic love story, a B.C. couple has reunited and remarried. 

    Kim and Andrew Hopkins of Port Moody, said “I do” for the second time last week at a reception filled with their close family and friends. 

    According to the Province, the pair first met in 1987 and were married in 1991. They had two daughters and then later filed for divorce.

    After a few years, the couple reconnected again. They got re-engaged, but then Kim was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and wedding plans were put on hold.

    “Life got in the way,” Kim told The Province.

    While the couple worked through chemotherapy and other struggles, A Wish to Wed Society decided to get involved. They volunteer to grant weddings to couples who are facing health problems.

    “We believe that an illness does not define the human spirit and that we can rise above our physical limitations,” the non-profit’s website reads. 

    The organization, which The Province reports is the first of its kind in Canada, provided the planning,

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