11-year-old boy fights off pit bulls to save little sister

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
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On Monday morning, Maleik Carr, 11, risked his life to save his sister from a pit bull attack.

Maleik and Jalia, 5, were walking through their backyard in Dublin, Georgia, to their school bus stop when their neighbour's two unleashed pit bills bounded through a hole in the chain link fence that divided the properties and starting growling at the little girl.

"So I ran over there and started kicking [the dogs] away from her," Maleik told 13WMAZ, showing off his stitches and wounds. Maleik told his little sister to run to safety, then fought off the angry dogs with Jalia's toy chair.

"When they locked on to my leg, I got a chair and started hitting them with it," he told 13WMAZ.

Maliek escaped, hopping his own fence. His older sister immediately drove him to the hospital where he was treated for 23 bites on his legs and four bites on his hands.

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His mother, Sherry Carr, posted on Facebook that her son is recovering following emergency surgery.

"There is no doubt in our minds that without him today Jalia would not have made it through. Thank you so much, Maleik. We love you," she wrote.

"It hurt me to my soul when I saw those cuts. It was very hard not crying in front of him because he was already so strong, and I wanted him to continue being strong," the children's father, Willie Carr, told 13WMAZ.

"They will react to protect each other at all costs. It makes me so proud. It makes me so proud to have this hero in my house," Sherry added.