5-year-old girl calls 911 for choking mom, thinks she’s calling her daddy

Chloe Olson knows that when there's an emergency, you call 911.

One thing the 5-year-old girl didn't know: 911 is not a direct line to her father.

When Chloe's mom, Kerry, started choking on a chip, the Ridgewood, New Jersey, girl dialled 911. The conversation that followed was nothing short of adorable.

"Daddy, mommy's choking," she told the 911 dispatcher.

When the dispatcher instructed Chloe to open the front door as she waited for help, Chloe followed the instructions and ended the conversation sweetly: "Love you, bye."

Listen to the entire conversation below.

Kerry recovered by the time emergency crews arrived.

"I must have covered my windpipe. I was choking and coughing but mostly I couldn’t get any air," Kerry said.

"She did a great job. I’m very happy," praised Chloe's proud dad, Douglas.

Chloe's parents credit police and fire officials for teaching Chloe's class a catchy jingle about how dealing with emergency situations:

"Don't be scared, pick up the phone and dial 911."

"You could tell she was a little concerned and scared," said Police Chief John Ward, according to the Associated Press. "She still knew enough to talk to the dispatchers, work it through."

Police told WCBS-TV in New York that Chloe may receive special recognition for her quick-thinking.