On his 65th birthday, Doug Eaton gave away money at an Oklahoma City intersection

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On Doug Eaton's 65th birthday, he spent 65 minutes handing out $5 bills to people driving through a popular Oklahoma City intersection.

"I asked a bunch of my friends on Facebook what should I do on my sixty-fifth and I got a whole long list of stuff and one of my friends said, 'Why don't you do 65 random acts of kindness?'" Eaton told KFOR-TV.

Eaton stood at the corner of N.W. 39th Street and May Avenue, holding a sign that read:

"I have a home…and a car…and a job. Do you need a few bucks for some coffee?"

The random generosity caught many people off guard.

"I think this is the craziest guy I have ever seen in my life and it's fantastic! I am enjoying the moment out here," one driver said.

He gave away $375 in total.

Eaton said he didn't realize how much fun giving could be.

"It's just been fantastic. Some people who don't take the money say, 'Man, I love what you are doing. I won't take it but give it to someone who needs it,'" he told KFOR-TV.

"This day has been one of the biggest blessings of my recent life…I don't know if I can wait until another birthday to do this again....but what if it became a habit? Or what if everyone or a lot of people did their birthday number of random acts of kindness on their birthday? How good would that be?" Eaton posted on Facebook.

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