Addison Logan buys Polaroid camera at garage sale, finds photo of dead uncle

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Addison Logan, 13, and his grandmother, Lois, visited garage sales Kansas looking for great finds, but they had no idea just how great of a find they would make.

At the third sale, Addison found a an old camera.

"I found this Polaroid camera and it looked pretty old and cool, so I just bought it for a dollar," Addison told ABC News.

The cool camera was missing one essential thing: film.

At home, after watching YouTube videos to learn about Polaroids, Addison opened the camera to discover a photo inside of a guy and a girl hanging out.

He promptly showed the old pic to his grandmother and she immediately recognized the male subject in the photo. It was her son, Scott Logan, who died 23 years earlier in a car crash.

"Wow. That's your uncle," Lois said, staring at the photo.

The photo was likely taken at the home of Scott's then-girlfriend, Susan Ely, who is in the photo with him.

Addison's father, Blake, couldn't believe it.

"He called me at work that afternoon, and I just kind of brushed it off, and it didn't really hit me until I got home and he showed it to me," Blake Logan told the Los Angeles Times. "The more time has passed, I just realize the astronomical odds of something like that happening. It baffles me and gives me goose bumps to think about."

Even the seller is unsure of where the camera came from or where it's been since the photo was first taken.

Blake has since shared the photo with Scott's son, who was just 4 years old when his dad died.

"It's one of those things that it almost touches me the more I see how much it touches other people," Blake said. "When you have faith, you believe they're always with you and when you see signs like this, it kind of reaffirms that."

(Getty Images photo not of camera Addison purchased)

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