Adorable forecast: ‘Weather kid’ steals the show

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Watching the weather got (briefly) more interesting for KVLY viewers last week when "weather kid" William Hallman took over the weather report from chief meteorologist Hutch Johnson.

Every week, the North Dakota station invites a "Scheels Weather Kid" to assist with its weather report. Last week's participant, a suit-clad Hallman from Robert Asp Elementary in Moorhead, Minnesota, "knocked it out of the park."

Watch Hallman take his new job very seriously, with extra attention paid to any weather system that would affect Cub Scout Winter Camp, below.

"We need a new talent to lead us through this future of erratic weather systems, as storm after storm pulls our coastlines deeper into the ocean. Our current weathermen aren't up to the task. We need someone whose outstretched arm won't bend at the elbow, even in the face of the fiercest coming cold front. We need William Hallman. He will shelter us from the storm," wrote a HappyPlace blogger.

Hallman's weather report left the news anchor with one question: "Do we have his resume on hand? Because we should."

The kid is in demand.

Valley News Live reported that Hallman has since been invited to the TODAY Show to do the weather with Al Roker.