Alberta woman bounces back from cancer to score first-place finish at bodybuilding competition

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
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An Alberta cancer survivor is now a bodybuilding champion.

When Hailey Ginn was 21, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma with acetic leukaemia type B. She underwent 19 months of intense treatments — and has now been cancer-free for eight years, QMI Agency reports.

"I came from a place where I had to rebuild a lot of muscle tissue after chemotherapy," said Ginn, "It takes years and years to really bounce back and feel strong again. I had shortness of breath and things like that."

Ginn, now 29, added that her illness gave her a greater appreciation for her body.

A makeup artist who won the title of Miss Tattoo in 2008, Ginn won first place in the women's medium physique category at the Northern Alberta BodyBuilding Championship qualifiers on June 9th.

Her husband, Eric, won second place in the heavyweight men's bodybuilding category.

It was the first time competing for both of them.

"It was really exciting and I'm so proud of him because it was both of our first times competing. I was kind of in shock," Ginn told the Edmonton Sun. "My husband was actually the one who got me really into it. It was my first competition so I really went in full force."

The couple continue to workout together as they prep for the provincial Alberta BodyBuilding Association Championships on June 23rd.

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