• Taking medication for mental health issues like depression and anxiety often carries with it a huge stigma. Medicated individuals can experience judgment from those who believe that taking pills is a sign of weakness, or a way of taking the easy way out. 

    A new hashtag, #medicatedandmighty, is now making the rounds on Twitter and challenging the norm.

    It all started on Sept. 2, when mom blogger Erin Jones took to Facebook to explain that she had been facing some major mental health challenges, and that she was planning to start taking medication.

    “I have tried living this life without prescription help,” she wrote. “It seems to have me on top of the world one minute and rocking in the corner the next. There is no consistency. I’m done with that. Anxiety and antidepressant medication to the rescue. Sometimes, folks, we just need help.”

    The response to the post was overwhelming, with many readers posting images of themselves with their own meds, along with personal stories of medication

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  • (Photo: Thinkstock)(Photo: Thinkstock)
    In North America, we see autumn as the beginning of football season, Pumpkin Spice Latte’s invading every coffee shop and the best fall fashion. 

    But we have a lot to learn about preparing the short days, colder nights and months of blustery snow around the corner, and it’s been suggested that we should look to the Danes.

    Morley College in the UK is trying to teach it’s students about the Danish idea of hygge. Pronounced Hoo-Ga, the word translates to coziness, and is a principle idea to the Nordic country’s way of life.

    So what is hygge?

    “Hygge could be families and friends getting together for a meal, with the lighting dimmed, or it could be time spent on your own reading a good book,“ Susan Nilsson, a lecturer at Morley College said. "It works best when there’s not too large an empty space around the person or people." 

    "Hygge seems to me to be about being kind to yourself - indulging, having a nice time, not punishing or denying yourself anything,” explained Helen Russell, author

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  • Dad teaches himself to style daughter’s hair, gives free class to other fathers

    'I love the time spent with her and she loves the cool hair, so it’s a win-win'

    (Photo: Imgur)(Photo: Imgur)
    The task of styling a daughter’s hair is often thought of as a mom’s responsibility. After all, it’s generally the woman of the house who has more experience with ponytails and braids. 

    But when Florida dad Philippe Morgese became a single father when his daughter, Emma, was one, he realized that he would be the one brushing, parting and plaiting his little girl’s hair.

    Morgese tells BuzzFeed that he started with simple clips before putting Emma’s shiny, light brown hair into two neat pigtails. 

    But as time passed and Emma got older, Morgese did not rest on his hairstyling laurels, but instead taught himself ever more complicated styles, until Emma was sporting multi-braid side ponytails and fancy braid-wrapped pony-tails to school.

    “I love the time spent with her and she loves the cool hair, so it’s a win-win,” he tells BuzzFeed.

    (Photo: Facebook)(Photo: Facebook)
    Other dads in the neighbourhood began to take notice of Emma’s hair, and Morgese started receiving requests for tips on how to do their own daughters’ locks.

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  • A moving image of a police officer holding a baby following a horrific car accident has captured the hearts of many after being posted on Facebook.

    The Jefferson County Sheriff Facebook shared a picture of Deputy Ric Lindley comforting a baby girl after a multi-vehicle crash on Tuesday morning in Leeds, Alabama.

    “He’s just a humble servant of the people,” Sgt. Jack Self from Jefferson County told CNN about Lindley. 

    The 60-year-old police officer was monitoring rush-hour traffic that morning when he came upon a traffic jam, AL.com reports. So he turned on his sirens and drove on the emergency vehicle lane until he came upon the crash.

    (Photo: JeffCo Sheriff's office)(Photo: JeffCo Sheriff's office)When Lindley arrived at the scene he went from car to car and noticed an infant girl inside one of the cars. He asked the baby’s mother, who was shaken up, if he could hold her while she calmed down, WAFF 48 reports. 

    Luckily neither the mother nor the baby were hurt in the crash.

    “I did nothing heroic,” Lindley told AL.com. “All I did was hold a baby.”

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  • The rain may have stopped in South Carolina but residents are now facing the aftermath of the extreme weather. 

    The “1,000-year-rain” that fell over the weekend caused billions of dollars in damage, CNN reported. They also reported that 11 damns broke, and with rivers still rising, it is unknown how much more damage the rushing water has caused. 

    While residents are struggling to meet their basic needs, others are out in the cold, wet and lost.

    South Carolina’s pets have been some of the hardest hit victims of the storm, and getting them back to their families can be challenging during the chaos.

    Many pets have been estranged from their families because of the flooding in South Carolina.Many pets have been estranged from their families because of the flooding in South Carolina.

    That’s why volunteers at Lost and Found Pets of South Carolina created a Facebook page, to track lost pets, reporting sightings of missing animals and to reunite lost family members. 

    “This page was created to give people a broader audience to post lost & found notices rather just on random stop signs and utility poles in the community,” the group describes it’s mission on the page.


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  • Dropping the kids off at school can be a hurried, stressful experience for parents and students alike. But one assistant principal in Conway, Arkansas, has made it his personal mission to banish the drop-off blues, and he’s using his charming – if somewhat hilarious – song and dance skills to make morning arrivals something to smile about.

    Every morning, Woodrow Cummins Elementary Assistant Principal Gary Logan stands on the sidewalk outside the school, microphone in hand, sound system blasting, and croons a mix of tunes sure to please both kids and parents.

    Whether he’s sharing the mic with a grinning little girl while belting out the theme music to Disney’s Frozen, or waving at cars while singing the Marvin Gaye classic, “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough," Logan’s early morning musical antics appear to be appreciated. 

    In a video posted on Facebook by KOLR10 & Ozarks Local News, children can be seen dancing enthusiastically to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” as Mr. Logan’s

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  • Touching act of brotherly love caught on camera goes viral

    “Bridger is just so kind to Wyatt, he helps with whatever he needs"

    (Photo: Facebook / Kristi Medina)(Photo: Facebook / Kristi Medina)

    The story of two young boys, holding hands as they sang in the choir of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a story about love and support. 

    A woman named Kristi Medina shared the inspiring photo on Facebook, revealing that the smaller 10-year-old boy requires a walker in order to get to his classes at school. 

    “He courageously presses forward to his destination smiling at the people who he passes in the hall,” Median writes. “I often find courage to press forward on my own journey when I see him pressing forward on his.”

    The boys’ mother, Amber Nelson, told KSL.com her younger son, Wyatt, has cerebral palsy and struggles with balance. He can’t stand and walk on his own for long periods of time.

    But his older brother, Bridger, is always there for him.

    “Bridger is just so kind to Wyatt, he helps with whatever he needs, and it’s just kind of his nature, he’s always been that way ever since he was little, and I just think it’s sweet to see,” Nelson told KSL.com.


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  • Talk about levelling up.

    Lauren Woodrick is a front end developer and coder and her (then) boyfriend Austin Pietch works in marketing.

    When Pietch asked her to demo a game he’d spent over 130 hours designing, she was more than excited.

    To her surprise, she began the game with an avatar that looked like a miniature version of her. 

    Pietch used her nickname, Lolo, for the title, naming it “Lolo’s Bizzare Adventure” and created each level of the game to represent a step of their relationship. 

    From their first meeting at Bockfest, a beer and goat festival, to meeting the parents for the first time, Pietch paid close attention to detail.

    The final level of the game had Lolo return home to find mariachi bands playing a romantic tune and an avatar of Austin. 

    “It’s dangerous to go alone,” the classic black screen read. “Take this!”

    That was the moment Pietch showed her the ring and popped the question.

    Her reaction and game play was all captured on video and Pietch posted it to Reddit,

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  • Miami billionaire uses personal helicopter to help Hurricane Joaquin victims

    “All we can do is provide help ourselves and do what we can.”

    Billionaire businessman Mike Fernandez (Photo: CBS Local)Billionaire businessman Mike Fernandez (Photo: CBS Local)

    A wealthy Miami man decided to use his personal helicopter to bring aid to Hurricane Joaquin survivors.

    Several islands in the Bahamas were left “completely obliterated” by the Category Four storm, one journalist told the The Weather Channel. 

    That’s where Mike Fernandez, founder of MBF Healthcare Partners, came in to help out.

    On Sunday, he spent the day flying his helicopter back and forth from Long Island to help those affected by the severe storm, NBC 6 News reports.

    The storm’s winds topped 100 mph (about 160 km/h) across some parts of Bahamas, according to the Miami Herald.

    Fernandez told the Herald that after speaking with friends in the Bahamas, he was motivated to help out with the relief efforts.

    “I heard that nothing was happening down south, where all the damage was done,” Fernandez told the news outlet. “All we can do is provide help ourselves and do what we can.”

    Fernandez and his crew even found and rescued a group of survivors that had been lost since the storm,

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  • After years of struggles, father-to-be weeps when he finds out wife is pregnant

    “I’ve never been that excited before in my life and I mean not mainly for myself, for her"

    A mother-to-be surprised her husband with news that she’s pregnant, and his reaction is sure to give you all the feels. 

    Dana Griffin-Graves and Arkell Graves from Dinwiddie County, Virginia, have been trying to have a baby for 17 years. After four miscarriages and one stillborn birth, they had all but officially given up, Dana explains in the video description on YouTube.

    The couple had begun to slowly come to grips with their struggles. As her heart began to heal, Dana channelled her energy towards her weight loss efforts, Fox40 News reports. 

    Dana started walking with friends on a regular basis, but she seemed to be the only one of the bunch that was not losing any weight. She decided to visit her doctor, and that’s when she received the shocking news. Dana is five months pregnant. 

    When it came time to share the news with her husband, Dana decided to plant a few clever clues in their kitchen. She placed literal buns in the oven, along with the baby’s ultrasound pictures next to the

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