• It’s a day this heroin addict will never forget. 

    The day a compassionate exchange with a police officer left the individual clean and restored his faith in humanity.

    The 30-year-old recovering addict wanted to share his heartfelt experience about the Portland officer from Maine with everyone. So the man’s thank you letter was posted by Portland Maine Police Department on their Facebook page at the request of the author.

    The writer wanted to stay anonymous but what we do know is that he was at a desperate moment in his life when he met police officer, Sean Hurley.

    The individual describes their conversation and how Hurley became a hero, at a time when the possibility of suicide seemed real. 

    “His compassion, vulnerability, and inherent goodness just blew me away,” he wrote. 

    Last month, the man ended up on the streets after getting kicked out from a friend’s house with only the clothes on his back. Things got worse for the individual as a “shady couple” approached him and were

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  • Air Canada flight diverted to save dog from freezing

    Did the pilot do the right thing?

    (Photo: CityNews)(Photo: CityNews)
    An Air Canada pilot had to change the course of an international flight when it meant saving a dog’s life.

    The Toronto-bound plane departed from Tel Aviv, Israel, on Sunday when the pilot noticed that there was a heating malfunction in the plane’s cargo, CityNews reports.

    The seven-year-old French bulldog named Simba was traveling in a crate on the flight that was about to go over the Atlantic Ocean when the temperature in the cargo area started to fall. The dog might have not survived the flight. 

    So the pilot decided to divert the plane with 232 passengers on-board to Frankfurt, Germany, where Simba was placed on another flight and then the plane continued on its route to Toronto.

    Despite the 75 minutes delay and about $10,000 in fuel costs, an aviation expert says the pilot did the right thing.

    “The captain is responsible for all lives on board, whether it’s human or K-9,” Phyl Durby told CityNews. “If you look at the outside temperature, if it’s minus 50 or 60, there is some

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  • (Photo: Instagram / hamlet_the_piggy)(Photo: Instagram / hamlet_the_piggy)
    Hamlet the micro pig has been an Instagram celebrity since she was adopted by a California couple in 2014, garnering hundreds of thousands of followers with adorable pictures and videos.

    Hamlet is not just a social media star though as her owner Melanie Gomez explained to Bored Panda

    “Hamlet came to me in a seemingly hopeless situation,” she said. “Daily activities became like climbing Everest to me.”

    (Photo: Instagram / hamlet_the_piggy)(Photo: Instagram / hamlet_the_piggy)
    Gomez was diagnosed with epilepsy in college. It was manageable with only one or two seizures a year but after she married her husband Armando, her seizures became much more frequent. She began having up to ten a day.

    “My husband wanted a companion for me, but he is extremely allergic to dogs and cats,” said Gomez. “I showed him a video of a mini pig playing with a dog and he was sold.”

    While there are some service animals who are trained specifically to aid people who suffer from seizures most service animal’s, like Hamlet, primary function is to be a companion.

    (Photo: Instagram / hamlet_the_piggy)(Photo: Instagram / hamlet_the_piggy)
    “Hamlet saved me. My

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  • (Claus Fisker/Scanpix)(Claus Fisker/Scanpix)
    Amidst the European refugee crisis, heartwarming photos of a Danish policeman playing with a young Syrian refugee girl in the middle of a highway have gone viral.

    Last week, pictures were taken on E45 freeway near Padborg, Denmark, by photographers Claus Fisker and Michael Drost-Hansen, who each captured the touching moment between the cop and the girl.

    The young girl is from a group of refugees forced to walk along the highway towards Sweden after Denmark closed transit links with Germany to prevent refugees from crossing its border, BuzzFeed News reports.  

    (Claus Fisker/Scanpix)(Claus Fisker/Scanpix)
    Fisker told the news outlet that the girl was part of a group that were granted free transit to Sweden.

    Danish officers followed the group along the Danish-German border and during a break, the cop chose to spend some time with the little Syrian girl by playing a guessing game.

    The police officer would hide his wedding ring in one of his hands and let the girl guess which hand, 9 News reports. Telling from the pictures, she looks

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  • Twins separated at birth after WWII reunited nearly 70 years later

    “In my heart I always had a feeling that I did have a twin brother."

    Two twin brothers finally found each other and shared their first hug after being separated for nearly 70 years. 

    George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski, both 69 years old, were born in Kassel, Germany, in 1946. Their polish mother, Elizabeth, was sent to a forced labour camp during World War II, BBC reports.

    After being freed from the camp, she gave birth to the twin boys, but became ill and couldn’t care for her babies. 

    The Polish Red Cross took the boys to Poland where they were adopted by two different families. Since their new families never talked about the adoption, both of the boys grew up without knowledge of their twin brother.

    At age 17, Skrzynecky learned he had a twin brother after he found documents that revealed he was adopted. He then asked the Red Cross to help track down his brother. but they couldn’t find any trace of his twin, creating a rift in his adoptive family.

    So Skrzynecky moved to California, U.S., to start a new life.

    “I never knew when this would happen,

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  • How a newborn saved her mother from a near-fatal coma

    "I was telling doctors I was scared"

    A family in Concord, North Carolina is celebrating their daughter’s first birthday, and her mother’s second chance at life.

    Last September Shelley Crawley, then 23, was rushed to hospital during her pregnancy and had to undergo an emergency C-section.

    “I clearly remember lying on the stretcher to take me back to the operating room, and I was crying. I was telling the doctors I was scared that I wasn’t going to wake up from my surgery,” she told WCNC.

    Her fear was justified. She delivered a healthy baby girl, Rylan via c-section but doctors grew concerned when the sedation began to take a strong hold of Crawley and she slipped into a coma.

    “The doctors had done all they could and it was clear, they absolutely thought they were losing her at this point,” Crawley’s husband Jeremy, 35, told People Magazine.

    That’s when nurse Ashley Manus had the brilliant idea to use Rylan to wake her mom up.

    Using a method called “skin-to skin” contact, the nurse stripped the baby down and placed her on

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  • Kindergarten teacher recognizes student 30 years later

    A reunion 30 years in the making

    High school reunions are typical but what happens when you are reunited with your kindergarten teacher 30 years later?

    The Good News Network reports that Lorly Schik was watching KARE-TV in Minneapolis when she saw Cory Hepola, one of the kindergarten students from decades earlier.

    Talk about a good memory.

    Schik reached out to Hepola’s parents with a letter.

    (Photo: YouTube)(Photo: YouTube)
    “It is with a great deal of pride that I am now watching my former kindergarten student telecast the news on KARE 11,” the letter read.

    Hepola’s parents notified him of his very first teacher’s impeccable memory, and the two set up a time to meet at Schik’s home.

    In the video the two greet each other with a big hug. They go through a box of mementos together including photographs and a letter Hepola’s mother sent to Schik after the school year had wrapped up.

    “He enjoyed every minute,” the letter said about Cory’s first year of school with Lorly Schik at the helm. “And had tears on the last day when he realized he wouldn’t go back

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  • The line-up outside the Prince of Wales Armouries started at 8 a.m. and curled around the block.

    The semicolon tattoo is fast catching on as a way to show support for people suffering with depression, and more than 600 Edmontonians got inked on Sunday to show just that.

    “A lot of people in line today have either had thoughts of suicide, have had friends or family members commit suicide, or just simply want to support people struggling with mental illness. And I find it really inspiring.” Momentum executive director Kim Knull told The Edmonton Sun.

    The idea behind the semicolon tattoo comes from Project Semicolon.

    The website for the group says they’re a “faith-based movement dedicated to presenting hope and love for those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-injury.”

    They say the project exists to “encourage, love and inspire.”

    A dozen local tattoo artists donated their time to the Edmonton event The Sun says was organized by the Edmonton Mental Health

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  • Alberta researchers stumble across stranded hunter in B.C. wildernessAlberta researchers stumble across stranded hunter in B.C. wilderness
    Two students from the University of Alberta were out conducting some field research in a remote area in B.C., studying the sculpin fish and its habitat.

    They were expecting to switch out some scientific equipment but instead, unexpectedly found a lost hunter, CBC News reports.

    “The chances that we found him where we found him before his health had deteriorated any more… that’s pretty profound,” one of the students, Tyana Rudolfsen, told CBC News.

    For almost two days, Garth McDonald was lost with no food or water. He wandered away and got separated from his friends during his birthday hunting trip, according to CBC News.

    Rudolfsen and colleague Jonathan Ruppert were working in the Flathead River Valley near Fernie over the weekend. They had driven from Edmonton and were heading to their last stop on their research trip when they stumbled upon McDonald. He was frantically waving at a passing search and rescue plane, trying to catch its attention, the Edmonton Journal reports.

    “He was

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  • German toddler's sweet gesture to young Syrian refugee wins hearts online

    “This sweet moment… A young German girl and a newly arrived young refugee."

    (Photo: Twitter/@CassVinograd)(Photo: Twitter/@CassVinograd)

    With one simple act of kindness, a German toddler appears to have won countless hearts across the world. 

    At the Munich Fairgrounds this week, the first group of refugees were greeted by the locals with cheers, water, and backpacks filled with clothes, NBC News reports. 

    Among the group of Germans was a little girl, who shared her sweet treat with a newly arrived young refugee.

    NBC News reporter, Cassandra Vinograd, captured the heartwarming exchange between the two toddlers on video, which has been viewed on Vine some 1,780,000 times and received more than 1,000 shares on Twitter.

    “This sweet moment… A young German girl and a newly arrived young refugee,” the reporter captioned the short clip.

    The unidentified girl appears to hand over her candy to the little refugee as their mothers look on smiling.

    Vinograd has been capturing the

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