• Autumn Veatch had to hike through the Cascades and hitchhike to the nearest town after a plane carrying her and her grandparents went down. She was the sole survivor.Autumn Veatch had to hike through the Cascades and hitchhike to the nearest town after a plane carrying her and her grandparents went down. She was the sole survivor.

    Authorities are deeming a mostly fatal plane crash a miracle, after a teenage girl survived the crash and spent three days hiking down a remote mountainside, where she was then rescued by a motorist. 

    Concerned family members alerted authorities Saturday afternoon after a Beech A-35 plane failed to complete its flight from Kalispell, Montana, to Lynden, Washington, Fox News reports. Rescue teams began to search nearby areas based on cellphone data and the expected flight patterns, but there was initially no sign of the aircraft or the passengers onboard.

    On Monday, 16-year-old Autumn Veatch of Bellingham, Washington, was able to contact authorities. Veatch waited for help at the scene of the crash for a day, then left and hiked through the thick forest to a highway below. She was then picked up by a motorist and driven to a local store, where she called the police.

    CTV News reported that Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers spoke with Veatch. He told The Associated Press in a

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  • (YouCaring/Friends of Emma)(YouCaring/Friends of Emma)

    An adorable English bulldog named Bonsai was dealt a heavy hand in life, but things are looking up.

    The lovable puppy was born with only half a spine, no pelvis and tiny contracted hind legs.

    In addition to that, Bonsai was born “engorged in fluid,” which, when combined with the lack of mobility in his hind-end, caused him to get a condition known as “Swimmer’s Syndrome.”

    According to his YouCaring campaign page, the syndrome is a “condition in which the chest of the newborn pup becomes dangerously flat and the functioning legs splay out to the sides – putting pressure on the internal organs.”

    The little guy has already undergone a surgery to remove both of his immobile hind legs, and is doing great – but there is no “cure” for his malformed spine and pelvis.

    “Bonsai is a precious boy and deserving of every opportunity of health, wellness and a bright future that we will be able to offer him,” the Friends of Emma Rescue Center wrote on the campaign page.

    (YouCaring/Friends of Emma)(YouCaring/Friends of Emma)

    But giving him the life he

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  • Spanish seniors try out a new playground designed just for them.Spanish seniors try out a new playground designed just for them.
    New playgrounds in Spain prove that we’re all young at heart.

    These “outdoor circuits” made especially for senior citizens provide an opportunity for exercise and prove that our bodies may get old, but our spirit never does. So when the weather’s warm and the days are long, the elderly aren’t sitting on the sidelines while their grandchildren hang out on jungle gyms – they’re getting in on the action too.

    A 63-year-old retiree named Manuel Francisco Martin told Public Radio International that the point is simply “to be able to keep going.”

    “To never stop – because once you stop moving, things go badly.”

    The outdoor exercise parks were designed in Finland, Public Radio International reports, but Spain has cornered the market with a whopping 600 already in place, and orders for hundreds more.

    But before the seniors get to swinging, spinning and stretching, they’re usually in need of a mini-walkthrough.

    “People’s first impression is always, ‘huh? What are we going to do here?’” physical

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  • Teen with Down Syndrome lands modelling contract

    “I’m not surprised, I think the world was waiting for Madeline."


    Madeline Stuart is proving to the world that she will not let being born with Down Syndrome hold her back from achieving her dreams.

    The 18-year-old from Brisbane, Australia, always dreamed of being a model and was determined to change the stigma around disability.

    She has just landed her first modelling contract with Manifesta, a U.S. based women’s athletic-wear brand. 

    Manifesta targets women of all shapes and sizes, and has brought Stuart on as one of their brand representatives.

    On the company’s tumblr, they released photos of Stuart modelling a variety of looks. 

    “With all that Madeline is doing, we’re so excited to have her represent Manifesta,” they wrote in the post. “Just as Madeline is committed to expanding people’s ideas of what a model can be, Manifesta is determined to show that the clothing and fashion industry doesn’t have to be exclusionary, that one brand can work for women of various sizes.”


    Stuart has spent her life dealing with the many challenges that comes with

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  • (YouTube/Video 777)(YouTube/Video 777)

    A baby girl from Cincinnati, Ohio, had an eye-opening experience after she tried on a pair of glasses for the very first time.

    Piper Verdusco was born with very poor eyesight. Her mother, 26-year-old Jessica Sinclair, searched and searched for the perfect glasses for Piper and finally decided on a pair of pink specs that came with a stretchy cloth band to help keep them securely in place.

    Sinclair, her husband Andrew Verdusco and baby Piper were out for lunch, when Sinclair decided to let Piper try on her new glasses for the first time. She was able to capture the exact moment that Piper saw her in focus for the first time, and it is a beautiful thing.

    Sinclair later shared the video on Facebook along with the caption: 'Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction melts my heart.’

    In the video, you see Piper fidgeting in her high-chair, showing no interest in trying on her glasses. Sinclair continues to try and get the glasses securely onto her daughter’s

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  • Shoppers surprised by grocery store acts of kindness

    "Christian or not, it doesn’t matter. Just do good.”


    Two high school friends set out one day to spread love and make a difference for a few random people.

    Pastor Rob Westerman and Minister Mike Lewis from Cincinnati, Ohio, surprised 15 strangers at a local grocery store by paying for their items at the checkout.

    “We wanted to attract people who haven’t really given church much of thought lately,” Lewis told Today.com. “We thought some sort of effort like that might touch people’s heart.”

    In the seven-minute video, the two men manage to capture the emotional reactions of customers touched by their random act of kindness. 

    As the customers tried to pay for their groceries, Westerman is seen stepping in and laying down cash at the counter. Before walking away he tells the customers, “God is good.”

    Lewis was behind the camera, capturing the customer reactions. A few customers were moved to tears. One man was completely stunned and even admitted to getting mugged the night before.

    According to Today.com, Lewis said one woman who they helped

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  • Screen capture of letter from WABC-TV New York report.Screen capture of letter from WABC-TV New York report.
    A Father’s Day card from a deceased son has proven that the arrival of kind words is better late than never.

    An 89-year-old Virginia man named Duane Schrock was the lucky recipient of a letter that has bounced around in the mail for nearly 30 years.

    The “unbelievable” letter was mailed from his son and namesake back in 1989 – six years before AIDS took his life in 1995, WPXI reports.

    The card reads: “Dear Dad, we haven’t been in touch for quite a while. I’m doing fine and am very happy in Richmond. I’d like to hear from you. Happy Father’s Day, Love Duane.”

    The evocative letter finally reached Schrock, whose moving patterns were hard to keep up with, 20 years after his son’s death.

    “I still kind of tear up when I think about it – to get it just a few days after Father’s Day, mailed in 1989 for Father’s Day,” he told ABC News.

    The card, seemingly from beyond the grave, is extra special to Schrock because of the two’s “tumultuous relationship.”

    Schrock disapproved of his son’s sexuality

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  • Daniel Cabrera, 9, is homeless and studies in the street.Daniel Cabrera, 9, is homeless and studies in the street.

    What value do children place on their education? For a nine-year-old boy from the Philippines, apparently, a great deal.

    A photograph of Daniel Cabrera has been garnering significant attention online, after Cabrera, who is homeless, was spotted in Manilla studying on the streets and reading under the light of an old McDonald’s sign.

    Joyce Torrefranca, a local medical student, posted the image capturing Cabrera’s studiousness on Facebook. She said that seeing his drive has inspired her to work harder, too.

    The Telegraph reports that Cabrera’s home was burnt down and his father died. He is often seen in the neighbourhood begging with his mother.

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  • The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is using social media to help reunite a boy and his lost teddy bear.The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is using social media to help reunite a boy and his lost teddy bear.

    A museum in Saskatchewan took an interesting approach in trying to reunite a lost teddy bear with its owner.

    Last month, the staff at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum noticed a distressed little boy running out of the T-rex exhibit, frightened by the extinct creature, the CBC reports.

    After seeing the little boy cry, in an attempt to comfort him, a gallery interpreter promised that his teddy bear would help protect him. 

    Later that day, however, the staff found the heroic teddy bear in the men’s washroom, but with his little owner nowhere in sight.

    “My boss was like, ‘wouldn’t it be kind of cute if we took some pictures of the bear having adventures around the museum?’” Gallery interpreter Jenna Cannon told the CBC.

    And that’s just what they did.

    Using the hashtag #LostBear, the staff documented the bear’s adventures through the museum, seemingly, throughout the Ages.

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  • As temperatures rise, it's more important than ever to keep Fido hydrated. A Los Angeles-based veterinarian, whose clients have included Britney Spears and Ben Affleck, shares tips on ensuring your dog gets enough water.As temperatures rise, it's more important than ever to keep Fido hydrated. A Los Angeles-based veterinarian, whose clients have included Britney Spears and Ben Affleck, shares tips on ensuring your dog gets enough water.
    If you’ve ever come across a dog locked in a car on a too-hot-to-handle day, Tennessee is here to help.

    Starting this month, if you see a helpless animal trapped inside a hot car with the owner nowhere in sight, the state says you now have the liberty to save it.

    WKRN reports that it’s an extension of the Good Samaritan law – the same law that allows people to help children locked in a hot car and protects its users from civil liability if they happen to damage the car while preforming a rescue.

    Nashville Fire Department Chief of Staff Mike Franklin told WKRN that if you act responsibly and reasonably “you will not be at fault to save a life.”

    “The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) strongly supports states giving law enforcement and Good Samaritans the ability to intervene to protect animals suffering in hot cars,” Chloë Waterman, the group’s senior manager of state legislative strategy told The Huffington Post.

    But if you’re not in Tennessee, or any

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