• Jay Triano leaves the court after an 86-71 loss to Brazil in the Pan Am gold medal final. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)Jay Triano leaves the court after an 86-71 loss to Brazil in the Pan Am gold medal final. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

    The head coach of Canada’s national basketball team is scoring major points with an Oshawa family who were fined $250 for hanging a basketball net in their front yard.

    That’s because Jay Triano, who used to coach with the Toronto Raptors, paid off the fine and invited Joshua Roberto and his family to watch the national team practice today at the Air Canada Centre. Star players who will be attending the practice include the Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett.

    Triano contacted the family on Monday after reading a report about how they had received a nuisance ticket on June 25 and were asked to take down the basketball net. Joshua’s mother, Lisa Roberto, is appealing the ticket.

    The net was first installed in the spring, and a complaint from a neighbour came two weeks later. Joshua’s sister Amanda Maciocia told the Toronto Star that the family has received complaints “literally every day since.” Neighbours say the basketball net is positioned in a dangerous part of the road.

    But what might

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  • We're not sure what's better; Jackson's letter or the library's response. (Photo: Facebook/Toronto ublis Library)We're not sure what's better; Jackson's letter or the library's response. (Photo: Facebook/Toronto ublis Library)

    All is certainly forgiven after a note was found in a Toronto library book from a boy who claims he ripped a page out while he fell asleep reading.

    The note, which was found inside an Asterix comic book at the city’s Main Street branch, reads: “I am sorry that a page ripped when it fell out of my bunk when I fell asleep reading. It won’t happen again. I’m sorry. From Jackson.”

    Librarian Eila McLeish told CTVNews.ca that parents occasionally notify and apologize to staff if their children damage a book, but rarely do they include hand-written notes.

    (Photo: Facebook/Toronto Public Library)(Photo: Facebook/Toronto Public Library)

    McLeish told the site that the tear, which stretched halfway down one page, is nothing that a bit of tape won’t be able to mend.

    “Obviously they loved (the book) and wanted others to be able to enjoy it,” she said.

    The library posted a photo of the note on its Facebook page on Monday, with the caption: “Found in the book drop @ Main Street branch. Here’s to many more nights falling asleep with a good book, Jackson!”

    That post has been

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  • <p class=description>Cancer meant Allison Dinkelacker wouldn’t be able to give birth to a second child. Her twin sister helped her out. </p>

    It’s a heartwarming story about sisterhood and love, involving a selfless act.  

    Last week, photographer Allison Rose shared photos of two sisters posing together for a maternity shoot on Facebook along with their story. 

    And it’s not a typical maternity photo shoot.

    In one of the photos, the sisters are holding a chalkboard that reads: “My bun … her oven” with corresponding arrows pointing to each other. 

    Dawn Policastro and Allison Dinkelacker from Mineola, New York, are twin sisters and super close.

    So when her sister couldn’t carry a baby since she was diagnosed with breast cancer during her first pregnancy, Policastro stepped in and became a surrogate for her sister.

    Now after giving birth to a boy, Hudson William, Dinkelacker’s dream came true.

    “You have given us not just the fulfillment of a wish we’ve had for the last six years, but a whole new life, and a family of four we thought we’d never had,” Dinkelacker wrote thanking her sister.

    Six years ago Dinkelacker was 30 weeks

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  • According to the National Resource Center on Children & Families of the Incarcerated at Rutgers University, more than 2.7 million children in the U.S. have an incarcerated parent. What’s more, half of those children are under the age of ten.

    The numbers are startling.

    A program based out of Austin, Texas, however, has found a way for imprisoned mothers to stay connected to their children - by recording themselves reading aloud.

    The Women’s Storybook Project is a volunteer program for women who are imprisoned at Gatesville and Plane/Henley prisons, and is geared toward connecting mothers with their children.

    How does it work?

    Volunteers travel to the prison, help the mother choose a book, then record the mother reading aloud. The mom also records a short message at the end of the reading, and the book and recording are sent to the child.

    “After so long you become Mom only by title when someone else cares daily for your children,” wrote Lauri Arrington, a former Storybook participant,

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  • Daniel Cabrera, 9, is homeless and studies in the street.Daniel Cabrera, 9, is homeless and studies in the street.

    Proof that a viral photo is not always hilarious or embarrassing: the much-shared photo of a nine-year-old Fillipino boy, studying on the sidewalk outside a McDonald’s has led to much more than re-Tweets and Facebook comments.

    McDonald’s Philippines has given Daniel Cabrera of Mandaue City a basic education scholarship, reports The Huffington Post, which will cover all his educational needs until he graduates from high school.

    “As Filipinos, we are proud to meet a boy so determined to succeed in life,“ Kenneth Yang, McDonald’s Philippines president and CEO said in a statement released to the press.

    "It is with an open heart that we grant him a scholarship to help him achieve his goals.”

    According to Food World News, McDonald’s Philippines also plans on creating a reading program for 400 first grade students at Daniel’s school, which would include his younger brother, Gabriel.

    The photo of the young boy sitting at a makeshift table, using a streetlight to see his schoolwork, went viral

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  • Whale 'asks' for help in removing plastic bag from mouth – but first, a selfie

    “It was right on his lip … he seemed like he wanted it off."

    When a group of fisherman north of Sydney, Australia, noticed a whale nudging the side of their boat, they did what anyone in 2015 would do first: take a selfie.

    But after a few quick snaps, Michael Riggio and Ivan Iskenderia noticed a fishing line and plastic bag entangled in the mammal’s face, reported the Manly Daily.

    “It was right on his lip … he seemed like he wanted it off,” Mr. Iskenderian told reporters.  

    Other fishermen in the area attempted to pull the rubbish from the whale’s mouth, but it was Iskendarian who successfully freed the whale.

    One fisherman captured the event on video, adding: “That’s what he wanted all along!” when the garbage was removed.

    Afterwards, the whale was seen slapping the water, in an apparent show of appreciation and happiness.

    “It was surreal, we couldn’t believe our eyes,” Iskenderian said. 

    His friend Riggio agreed: “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, just seeing it so close.”

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  • Nova Scotia family reunited with lost dog found in P.E.I.

    “You know what, I couldn’t even describe how happy they were."

    Heidi Woods is overjoyed to be reunited with the family's lost dog. (Photo: Facebook/Heidi Woods)Heidi Woods is overjoyed to be reunited with the family's lost dog. (Photo: Facebook/Heidi Woods)

    It’s a happy ending for a Nova Scotia family after their beloved pitbull was reportedly stolen and found in another province. 

    Last month, Isabelle (Izzy) was seen in her outdoor kennel in Porters Lake, N.S, but when the family returned home, Izzy was gone.

    Her kennel was open and “it didn’t appear that she had clawed her way out,” CBC News reports. 

    According to her owner, Heidi Woods, the family believes somebody had taken their two-year-old Amstaff pitbull from their yard. 

    “She was taken by someone she is familiar with, I believe that, and I am trying to reach the message far and wide that she needs to come home where she belongs,” Woods wrote on her Facebook page.

    Cpl. Ron MacLean with the Summerside Police Services began his investigation after receiving a tip about a stolen dog from Porters Lake that somehow ended up at a residence in Prince Edward Island, CBC News reports.

    After Woods had shared the storyof  Izzy’s disappearance on Faceboook and Kijiji, police were able to

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  • (Photo: Victoria PD)(Photo: Victoria PD)

    A Canadian police officer is downplaying the praise he’s received for helping a disoriented American tourist get home safely.

    Last Thursday, police received a call from the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Jewel of the Sea.

    According to the Victoria Police Department’s press release, a 65-year-old woman from Buffalo, New York, was reported missing when the ship left B.C.

    Earlier that day, the woman left the ship and didn’t return. The ship’s crew had no choice but to continue on their way to Seattle, where the woman had already booked a flight home.

    Police officers, including VicPD’s K9 officer Cst. Andre Almeida, were called in for help.

    They learned from her husband that she has been recently displaying signs of dementia, and the search began for the missing woman. 

    Staff at the Fairmont Express hotel found her shortly after and she was immediately taken to the hospital for assessment.

    That’s when Almeida decided to arrange a flight to Seattle so the woman could make her connection and

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  • This photo of a kind gesture quickly went viral. (Photo: Facebook/CanberraMums)This photo of a kind gesture quickly went viral. (Photo: Facebook/CanberraMums)

    A parking ticket can ruin anyone’s day, but this young mother has nothing but kind things to say after she was issued one of her own. 

    The mother’s name has not been revealed, so we’ll call her Jane. 

    Jane and her nine-week-old son were recently released from the Canberra Hospital in New South Wales, Australia. 

    After spending several days at the hospital with her sick baby, the last thing Jane needed to worry about was parking. As Jane and her son were discharged from the hospital, she noticed a ticket awaiting her on the windshield of her car. 

    “After those days in the hospital, a parking ticket was one more thing I didn’t need,” the mother wrote.

    But to her surprise, there was a a little pink post-it note attached to the ticket.

    “I saw your car had a parking ticket on it. I’m sure whatever you are going through at hospital is tough enough so I have paid for you,” it read. 

    The stranger, who is identified only as Laura, included a receipt number and date paid before signing off

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  • U.S. teens struck by lightning saved by holding hands, doctors say

    “It felt kind of like I was getting hit over the head with metal or something."

    (Photo: ThinkStock)(Photo: ThinkStock)

    Thanks to an innocent display of public affection, this teen couple truly has an electrifying love story to tell. 

    Last week, Lexie Varga and Dylan Corliss were walking down a street in Claremont, California, on their way to get a burger when the two were reportedly struck by lightning.

    “One second we were (in) one place talking and then suddenly we were on the ground looking at each other just screaming,” Corliss told ABC News.

    According to one doctor, the small romantic gesture of holding hands may have saved the lovebirds from serious injury and potential death.

    “The chance of getting hit by lightning is very uncommon – perhaps one in a million,” Dr. Stefan Reynoso told Fox 12 Oregon. “They were lucky they were holding hands. It helped diffuse that electric current.”

    The lightning bolt reportedly hit Corliss in the back of the head, travelling though his body and into Varga’s before exiting her body through her foot.

    The two were quickly knocked down to the ground, and both had

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