• HIV-positive man asks strangers to touch him

    “I am HIV-positive. Touch me!"

    An HIV-positive man took an interesting approach to testing the stigma attached to having HIV/AIDS by standing on a street with his arms out and asking random people to touch him.

    Janne, the man in the video, partnered up with a broadcasting company and took to the streets of Helsinki, Finland, to see how people would react.

    Although the video is not in English, he can be seen making a sign that reads “I AM HIV-POSITIVE. TOUCH ME!”

    At first people look at him, read the sign and keep on walking, seeming rather confused by the gesture.

    But despite all of the weird glances coming his way, the man stands there, unwavering.

    It pays off when a few moments later one woman stops, squeezes his hand, and continues.

    Eventually, people are seen stopping in their tracks to turn around and give him a pat on the shoulder.  

    The support begins to get overwhelming when two women take it upon themselves to not only touch him, but to hug him.

    To his joy, those were just the beginning of many hugs that

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  • Pizza delivery teen saves customer’s life

    "I left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man."

    Anson Lemmer`s coworkers at a pizza restaurant in Colorado thought he got lost during a delivery.Anson Lemmer`s coworkers at a pizza restaurant in Colorado thought he got lost during a delivery.

    What was suppose to be a regular pizza delivery turned into a life-saving event.

    Last week, Anson Lemmer was delivering his last pizza order of the night when he arrived at the address and saw a man laying on the ground not breathing. Instincts kicked in and Lemmer immediately sprang into action, performing CPR to save the man’s life.  

    The 19-year-old had been working a summer job at Uncle Pizza in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It was only his second day when his CPR skills came in handy.

    Post Independent reports that when Lemmer arrived with the hot pizza, his customer was already “turning blue outside of the house.” Two people were at the scene trying to help the man – one calling it in for help and the other attempting CPR.

    “When I pulled up there, I knew something was wrong, and I had to act. They asked me right away if I knew CPR,” Lemmer told the news outlet. “I jumped in right away to do those chest compressions.”

    Luckily, Lemmer trained in CPR a year ago and knew exactly what

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  • Dramatic rescue to free humpback whale off B.C. coast captured on video

    “It was one of the worst entanglements I’ve ever seen. The animal would have died.”

    A still image from the dramatic rescue of a humpback whale caught in fishing netting. (YouTube)A still image from the dramatic rescue of a humpback whale caught in fishing netting. (YouTube)

    A group of recreational boaters spotted the whale tangled in the fishing line and weighed down by prawn traps near Powell River, off the B.C. coast. They caught sight of the whale struggling to breathe and acted fast, reporting the issue to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) late Sunday evening.

    Paul Cottrell from the DFO, told CTV News: “They [the recreational boat crew] saw this humpback, which they thought was really neat, but then quickly realized this animal was in distress and it wasn’t moving.”

    Early the next day, the rescue team set out to locate the whale and set it free. They used their GoPro Camera to capture the hours-long task.

    “It was basically hog-tied. [The rope] was around the tail, all the way up, and through the mouth,” Cottrell told CTV News.

    This incredible rescue effort to free a humpback whale after being trapped in nearly a kilometer of fishing rope was caught on camera.

    The team of volunteers and department staff began cutting through the ropes,

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  • Ashley MacLean ready for prom after home-invasion shooting. (CBC)Ashley MacLean ready for prom after home-invasion shooting. (CBC)

    For Ashley MacLean-Kearse, the journey to her high school prom has been far from easy, but she was determined to put up a fight.

    Back in November, the 19-year-old was left a quadriplegic after a home-invasion shooting in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. She survived the incident but was left fighting to press ahead with her life completely changed. 

    The bullet struck MacLean-Kearse in the spine and left her paralyzed from the chest down. Four people were later arrested on charges including attempted murder.

    “I pretty much had my life ripped away from me,” MacLean-Kearse told the news outlet.

    While in the hospital recovering, MacLean-Kearse continued to complete her school work and fought back to gain some of her old life back. Her goal was to attend her high school prom in June, reports the CBC.

    Yesterday, MacLean-Kearse joined her fellow high school graduates on their special night.

    “She can’t do what she wants to do – get up and dance with her friends, which is how it should’ve been,” her

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  • Deaf teen deemed ‘medically inadmissible’ finally permitted to join mother in Canada

    This is my biggest achievement as a mother, to give my daughter a better life.”

    Karen Talosig's has waited a long time to bring her daughter to Canada. (CBC)Karen Talosig's has waited a long time to bring her daughter to Canada. (CBC)

    Many people immigrate to Canada every year with dreams of building a better life for their families. For one single Filipino mother, this is exactly what she had always dreamed of.

    Karen Talosig was a registered nurse in the Philippines and decided to move to Canada to become a caregiver, with the hope of providing a good life for her 14-year-old daughter, Jazmine. Talosig moved to Canada under the live-in caregiver program in 2007 and applied for permanent status five years ago.

    However, to Talosig’s dismay, Immigration officials had deemed Jazmine, who is completely deaf, inadmissible in Canada. They speculated it could cost Canadians up to $91,500 for health-related services over the span of five years. 

    After hearing this, Canadians were outraged. B.C. Education Minister Peter Fassbender weighed in on the federal government’s controversial decision, vouching that Jazmine would not create extra costs to taxpayers as she has no additional learning requirements or physical needs.

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  • Santa OnoSanta Ono

    Talk about putting others first: University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono has refused to accept his annual bonus for the third year in a row. Instead, he has selflessly asked the university to take his $200,000 bonus and donate it to 14 scholarships and local charities. 

    His bonus will be divided up fairly amongst scholarships for soon-to-be and current students, other student and faculty programs at the University of Cincinnati, as well as to local high schools and charities.

    He also asked that $10,000 be donated to the family of Sonny Kim, a fallen police officer in Cincinnati, who was shot and killed last week in the line of duty. 

    CNN reports that the donations were disclosed at the university’s board of trustees meeting, held on Tuesday.

    Said Tom Humes, board president: “This may sound crazy, but it’s hard for us when someone turns down a raise. We’ve learned that the way to satisfy President Ono is to give him the ability to help others. It’s not to help him. We heartily

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  • Flamingo receives prosthetic legFlamingo receives prosthetic leg

     About a month ago, zookeepers in Sorocaba, Brazil, found the flamingo with a fractured leg. This week, they performed surgery and the bird is now strutting around with a new seven-inch carbon limb. 

    “To prevent an infection from setting in and spreading to the rest of his body, which would have killed him, we decided to amputate the leg and give him the prosthesis,” Andre Costa, who performed the surgery on the bird, told The Huffington Post.

    According to the zookeepers, this may be the first time a flamingo has ever used a prosthetic leg to walk. 

    The veterinarians at the zoo said they are struggling to pinpoint how the flamingo injured its leg. Working theories include: it being attacked by a pelican that shares the same enclosure, or he may have been attacked by a crane.

    Regardless, the flamingo must now be reintroduced to its cohort. That’s where the second challenge comes in to play: zookeepers are worried that the other 28 flamingos will see the prosthetic leg as a physical

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  • (Stock photo)(Stock photo)

    A Pennsylvania homeless man is being recognized and rewarded for his kindness and honesty after returning a wallet containing $400 and some important personal items to a single mother fighting brain cancer. 

    The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, found the wallet on a park bench on the way to his AA meeting, Today Parents reports. Like any curious individual, he looked inside and found $400 cash, as well as an electronic welfare card which is used for collecting food stamps.

    The man, who is in his late 30′s, struggled with what to do with his discovery and was torn between keeping it or doing the right thing.

    The man decided to text Ashton Munoz, an assistant director at Hearts for Homeless shelter.  The shelter provides its clients with prepaid phones just in case they need to get in touch with staff.

    “I found this purse. There’s money in it,” read the text, according to Today’s Parents.

    Munoz drove into the city to meet the man and together they were able to identify and track

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  • (Twitter/@TheLakeHealth)(Twitter/@TheLakeHealth)

    If there was any remaining doubt in your mind that Chris Pratt was a real-life superhero, this is sure to change your mind.

    The 36-year-old Guardian of the Galaxy, whose movie ‘Jurassic World’ is breaking box office records around the globe, decided to take some time out of his busy schedule to have some fun with the patients at a children’s hospital.

    The actor stopped by at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to hang out with the youngsters and take photos with them.

    The hospital’s official website states that Pratt “took time out from filming his latest move to visit [the] amazing kids.”

    “Our patients were all smiles and we are so thankful to Chris for lifting their spirits by visiting.”

    The hospital shared photos on their Twitter of the actor channeling

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  • ‘Spider-Dad’ creates incredible video in memory of late son

    "I'll remember one little boy who inspired me to do great things."

    (Youtube/Mike Wilson 3RUN)(Youtube/Mike Wilson 3RUN)

    Professional free-runner and parkour athlete Mike Wilson set out on a mission fit for a superhero to keep the memory of his late son alive.

    32-year-old Wilson’s son Jayden was a huge Spider-Man fan, he owned Spidey bedding, toys, pictures and even his own miniature costume. Wilson, being the amazing father that he is, decided to become Spider-Dad.

    Just after his fourth birthday, Jayden was diagnosed with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumour, which was terminal. Determined to keep Jayden in high spirits, Spider-Dad came to visit him and all of his friends on his fifth birthday. 

    Jayden’s surprise visit from Spider-Dad was caught on video, and has since received over ten million views.

    Wilson decided that he wanted to create a Spider-Dad movie for Jayden to watch at home. Sadly, while the film was in the planning stages, Jayden passed away on December 24th, 2014.

    Wilson wrote in on his website, “Whatever life holds in store for us, I’ll remember one little boy who inspired me

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