• Two Los Angeles teenagers, armed with an abundance of goodwill and McDoubles, took to the streets to address hunger in their own backyard.

    Lance Stewart, 19, uploaded a video to YouTube of himself with his friend Adin Kolansky handing out burgers to anyone who looked like they might want one. 

    The video starts with Stewart dropping $151 at McDonald’s and walking out with a box of food.

    He then splits the contents of the box into two bags, and the teenagers start making the rounds.

    At one point, they run out of fast food. But teenagers have this habit of being highly adaptable, so the good Samaritans pop into a Rite Aid for Lunchables, Pop Tarts and bottled water. 

    The video has over 300,000 views and encourages people to look for solutions to problems in their own communities.

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  • SpongeBob SquarePants can be credited for a few things – entertaining millions of children with countless hours of silly entertainment, making its creators a fortune from merchandising, and now, saving lives.

    A 13-year-old autistic boy from New York says he was able to perform the Heimlich maneuver on a classmate who was choking on an apple, thanks to learning the life-saving technique from watching the cartoon.

    Brandon Williams sprung to action when he noticed his classmate Jessica Pellegrino struggling to breathe in his school’s cafeteria. He wrapped his arms around her torso, and pushed down on her diaphragm with his fits, which helped dislodge the piece of food from her throat.

    When his father later asked Brandon where he learned that technique, his son told him from the popular cartoon.

    “He picks up on things that most of us would miss, and files it all away in his head, and he can recall it all in an instant,” his dad Anthony told Silive.com. “That’s how he knew instantly what to do.

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  • A down on his luck father has received thousands in donations after a chance encounter on the streets of Denver shed the spotlight on his struggle. 

    James Moss left New York City with his young son Zhi hoping to find a better life in Colorado. He had a job lined up and had arranged to stay with a friend temporarily.

    Two days after arriving in Denver his job and housing both fell through, and he and Zhi ended up homeless.

    While walking the streets of his new city, Moss ran into motivational speaker and author Leon Logothetis.

    Logothetis was in Denver filming stories for his social media campaign #GoBeKind. He found himself moved by the love and devotion Moss has for his son. 

    “There is such a beautiful bond between you two,” admired Logothetis.

    Moss moved to Colorado for Zhi. He explained to Logothetis that growing up in New York City, he didn’t have the opportunity to experience the outdoors and the peace of nature, and he wanted a more beautiful life for his child. 

    James Moss had just moved to Denver, Colorado from New York to give his one-year-old son, Zhi, a better life, when he learned that he had nowhere to live.James Moss had just moved to Denver, Colorado from New York to give his one-year-old son, Zhi, a better life, when he learned that he had nowhere to live.
    “This guy right

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  • Bella Burton has struggled with walking since she was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome at age two.

    It’s a genetic disease that attacks the bones and limits mobility, WCVB reports, and Bella had to use crutches or a wheelchair to get around.

    But thanks to George, her dog and best friend, things have changed.

    “I lean on him like a crutch,” Bella told ABC News.

    Earlier this year, the two got paired up through a Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Massachusetts. 

    “I had wheelchairs, walkers, Canadian crutches, regular crutches and then we got George and I dropped my crutches and started to use him,” Bella told WCVB.

    Ever since George came into 11-year-old Bella’s life, she has become “so much stronger and active,” her mom, Rachel Burton, told Home News.

    She loves going to school with George, who helps her get from class to class, and rides her bike and even runs outside. 

    George will be honoured with the Award for Canine Excellence at a ceremony in December by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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  • On November 3, British barber James Williams gave a very special haircut, which then made him an Internet sensation. 

    Williams is the proprietor of Jim the Trim, a barbershop in Port Talbot, UK. One of his clients, a little boy named Mason, was recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and Mason struggles with getting haircuts.

    In a Facebook post, Williams writes of Mason:

    mason who few months ago got diagnosed with asd, Jamie & denine got recommended to me , so over last few month I have been attempting to find different ways how to cut masons hair, he wouldn’t allow me to go near one of his ears he would run away on times if he wasn’t up to it

    Accompanying the post were three images of Williams laying on the ground with scissors in hand, cutting Mason’s hair as the boy — also laying on the ground — plays with a mobile phone. The post continues:

    But today I finally achieved it where we both layed on the floor in silence & he allowed me to cut away & give him his first proper

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  • Meat Loaf is melting hearts on the Internet with the story of his tour bus puppy, an abandoned dog he and his crew saw being left in a dumpster after a performance in New Mexico. 

    Appalled, the American musician and his crew rescued the tiny dog, feeding and comforting her on the way to a vet. After getting checked out and deciding to keep her, they aptly named her Little Ms. Karma.

    Karma got to spend a bit of time on the road with Meat Loaf, but eventually she was placed with the wife and daughter of a crew member, who live on a ranch.

    Now run to YouTube and play Meat Loaf’s Grammy award winning “I Would Do Anything For Love” and let your heart fill with joy as your come the realization that it’s been a ballad for puppies this whole time.

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  • A group of sailors were in for a shock when they spotted a little puppy struggling to stay afloat after paddling for hours, lost at sea.

    The two-month old Labrador puppy reportedly fell from a ferry and started swimming helplessly until six sailors from the RYCC Savoia yacht club rescued him from the Gulf of Naples in Italy, according to The Daily Mail.

    In the video captured by the passengers on-board, the pup is seen swimming towards the boat and just as it comes close enough the water drags the dog away.

    Tirelessly, the dog tries a second time as the sailors whistle and call out to the lab. One of the sailors eventually grabs the dog by the scruff of his neck and pulls him out of the water into safety.

    The Yacht club’s director told La Repubblica Napoli that the dog was swimming for hours before getting rescued and was visibly shaking, The Huffington Post reports.

    One of the sailors in the video is seen trying to warm up the freezing puppy, rubbing it and covering the dog with a

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  • A recent encounter between a Starbucks barista and a customer is receiving a lot of attention and for good reason.

    A Facebook video posted on Tuesday shows a customer named Rebecca King, who is deaf, placing an order at a local Starbucks drive-thru using sign language while the barista, signs back.

    The footage along with King’s caption “Starbucks! This is what I’m talking about! Share it away! We can change the world!” has already racked up over six million views in just the two days since it was posted.

    Thanks to the live two-way video link that was installed at the brand-new Starbucks in St. Augustine, Florida, King was able to place her order with 22-year-old barista, Katie Wyble, Fox 30 Action News Jax reports.

    In the video, King is seen pulling up to the kiosk when a woman’s voice on the intercom asks King what her order is. 

    But after repeating the question and receiving no reply, Wyble pops up on the video monitor.

    The two were able to see each other and King completed her

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  • Paris woman creates Uber-like service for people with disabilities

    The creator of the car service hopes it goes global

    This French Car Service Really Puts Uber and Lyft to ShameThis French Car Service Really Puts Uber and Lyft to Shame
    Car services like Uber and Lyft may have opened doors for those urbanites needing a ride, but for those living with limited mobility, the so-called convenience of these services fails miserably.

    Charlotte de Vilmorin of Paris, France found this out first-hand, when she travelled to Florida and was unable to find a wheelchair-accessible ride around town.  

    When de Vilmorin finally found a suitable car, she discovered it would cost $1,000 to rent for 10 days. According to the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, there are 18 million people in the U.S. and Canada living with mobility issues, but despite this statistic, finding an affordable ride is still a struggle.

    “It’s very difficult to get around when you are in a wheelchair, because public transportation is not accessible,” de Vilmorin told Mashable. “You can’t just grab a cab or rent a regular car.”

    Upon returning to France, de Vilmorin took matters into her own hands, co-founding Wheeliz, a French car-sharing service

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  • Two brothers overcame an unexpected challenge in order to complete the New York City Marathon this past weekend.

    Brent and Kyle of Atlanta, came to New York to run in the marathon together. The plan was for Brent to push Kyle, who has cerebral palsy through the 26.2 mile journey. 

    But as the brothers were making their way through the course, they were crossed with an unfortunate circumstance, Good News Network reports.

    The back wheel on Kyle’s wheelchair broke.

    Determined to finish the race, Brent began carrying Kyle, but the brothers struggled with the course.

    “We had come this far, we weren’t going to give up,” Brent told WNYW News.

    That’s when the brothers found some rope and tied the chair to Brent. 

    Brent attempted to run again, but was unsuccessful as he couldn’t balance the chair and turn it at the same time.

    “It would have been really easy to just say no and stop. Kyle could have said that a long time ago, and he’s never quit, and he damn sure wasn’t going to quit with 13 miles to go,”

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