• A house cat vanished for 18 months, but was remarkably reunited with its family.

    Ronnie Cockroft’s best friend, Phoenix, went missing from home in May of last year, the Mirror reports. After months of searching, the family lost hope and decided to get a new kitten.

    “It came to the point a few weeks ago where we were talking about getting a kitten,” Cockroft’s mom, Michelle Humber, told the Mirror. “The lads were really keen on the idea because they missed Phoenix so much.”

    Last week, the family visited the Cats Protection’s Derby Adoption Centre in Dalbury Lees, U.K., where five-year-old Cockroft spotted his long-last friend, The Press and Journal reports.

    The heart-warming video shows Cockfort in tears as he reunites with Phoenix.  

    “It was amazing and the children were so pleased,” Humber told Mirror. “Ronnie saw him straight away and was screaming and cheering with excitement.”

    The family had already chosen a new cat named Orlando. When they returned to collect him, they stumbled

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  • After years of waiting, 97-year-old Margaret Bekema finally received her high school diploma.

    Last week, Catholic Central High School principal Greg Deja presented Bekema with an official honourary diploma at Yorkshire and Stonebridge Manor senior community in Walker, Michigan, USA Today reports.

    “I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Bekema said tearing up while wearing her graduation cap and receiving her long awaited diploma, Mlive reports. 

    Bekema was a former student at the Catholic Central High School back in 1932 but was forced to drop out in order to take care of her three younger siblings and her mother, who was sick with cancer, the news outlet reports.

    At 17-years-old, Bekema was left heart-broken as she wouldn’t be able to graduate with her class of 1936.

    “I had to quit school to take over the family. It was hard, you have no idea how hard that was. I loved high school and I had lots of friends,” Bekema told Mlive. 

    After her mom died, she helped the armed forces

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    It’s people like Liz who give us hope that there are still nice people in the world.

    Reddit user Jargogler recently posted this image on Imgur after receiving a parking ticket.

    Much to their surprise, however, they soon received a note that included the full-amount of the fine, in cash, and a lovely note that said the following:

    “Hi!  You don’t know me, but I parked next to you this morning.  When I got back to my car today I saw you’d gotten a ticket.  I’m having a good day today and I don’t want this to ruin your yours.  This one’s on me.  Pay it forward someday.  Your (new) friend, Liz.”

    Jargogler posted on Reddit that they’ve yet to pay it forward, but are open to suggestions.

    Hopefully they do, and maybe the kind gestures will make its way to you someday, and you could be the Liz to brighten someones day.

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  • Australian scientists want to turn your smartphone into a powerful pollution sensor.

    A team of researchers at RMIT’s Centre for Advanced Electronics and Sensors have developed what they are calling “the first low-cost and reliable method of detecting nitrogen dioxide (NO2).”

    Nitrogen Dioxide is a harmful gas that comes from mainly burning fossil fuels, about 80 per cent. According to the World Health Organization, NO2 pollution is responsible for up to 7 million premature deaths a year. 

    While the sensors don’t help reduce the levels of pollution, having access to information about air quality can be life saving for people.

    “A lack of public access to effective monitoring tools is a major roadblock to mitigating the harmful effects of this gas but current sensing systems are either very expensive or have serious difficulty distinguishing it from other gases,” RMIT Project Leader and Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh said.

    “Not only would it improve the quality of millions of people’s

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  • Serving veterans as they are laid to rest.Serving veterans as they are laid to rest.
    High school students in Michigan made sure that when three homeless veterans were laid to rest last week it was done with honour and dignity.

    Six students from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy served as the pallbearers in the funeral service for three veterans, who had no family members present at their death, according to the school’s press release.

    “I was glad and truly honoured to have experienced and served those veterans who sacrificed their lives for our country,” one of the students, Joshua Gonzalez, told ABC 13.

    “Being their pallbearer was just a little something that I could do to repay them for what they did for all of us.”

    Before departing for the funeral, the students prayed for the deceased. During the funeral procession, they carried the casket to the grave and shared in the prayers. 

    The idea for the outreach program came from students themselves during a discussion about ways they could better serve the community.

    The student-led program was

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  • Ever a doting mother, Gina DeMillo Wagner didn’t want to disappoint her little boy on his birthday - even if the product he asked for did not yet exist.

    Her son, Miles, 6, wanted a doll that looks like him. He’s had this yearning ever since his sister received an American Girl’s popular ‘Truly Me’ look-alike doll for her 7th birthday.

    She wasn’t surprised to see American Boy doll on her son’s wish list for his 7th birthday.

    The only problem is there are no 18-inch ‘American Boy’ dolls available.

    “At first I tried to explain to him that they just don’t make American Boy dolls,” Wagner told Redbook. “I thought he’d eventually lose interest and move on, but he kept asking and asking.”

    Mom Makes Son, 6, ‘American Boy Doll’ for BirthdayMom Makes Son, 6, ‘American Boy Doll’ for Birthday

    Wagner would have to get creative and decided to set out on her own DIY project.

    The determined mom found an 18-inch Madame Alexander doll on eBay that closely resembled her son’s light blond hair and blue eyes.

    “If I looked past the hot pink lipstick and hair bow, I saw the spitting image of my son,” she

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  • Three stranded dogs are safe and sound after being found by a police officer trapped in a sewer drain on the side of the highway.

    Matt Rush, an officer with the Cocoa Police Department, found three pit bulls stuck in a drain sewer while on a routine patrol in Florida, WFTV reports. 

    Rush was driving when he suddenly heard dogs barking as if “they were in distress” and stopped to investigate, according to the police department’s Facebook page.

    Once he found the three dogs with their heads poking out of the drain, he called for animal control services.

    Brevard County Animal Services officers arrived at the scene and soon realized there was no way of getting the three pit bulls out without prying open the storm grate. So firefighters were called in to lift the heavy metal grate.

    One by one the dogs were safely removed and taken to an animal shelter, while the owners are being tracked down, FOX 35 reports.

    Nobody knows for sure how the three dogs got into the sewer in the first place or

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    Soft Toys for Education is an annual fundraiser held by IKEA which takes 1 euro for every toy sold and donates it towards children’s education projects for UNICEF and Save the Children.

    The company decided to do something unique this year. They held a contest in which children used their imaginations to draw their own creatures, with 10 lucky submissions getting the full plush treatment.

    The following video highlights the process, and shows some of the lucky children receiving the plush versions of their drawings.

    The initiative launched in 2003 with a partnership with UNICEF, with Save the Children joining in 2006. Since then, the project has helped to raise over $90 million and has reached over 11 million children in 46 countries.

    “We can only overcome poverty if we make education a priority for all children. We especially need to invest in a quality education for girls, children with disabilities and children from minority communities,” said Per Heggenes, the CEO of the Ikea

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  • The cat may have come back the very next day, but what about the black and white Magellanic penguin? As one Brazilian man found out, it can’t stay away.

    Four years ago, João Pereira de Souza found an oil-soaked bird on the beach near his home in the southeastern part of Brazil, reported The Wall Street Journal. He cleaned him up, fed him sardines, and after waiting for the bird to regain its strength, the former bricklayer set the bird free on the beach.

    But what happened next was a complete surprise – the penguin, now known as Jingjing, came back. De Souza even took the bird far out to sea, but the insistent penguin was waiting for him on land when he returned.

    The Magellanic penguin is named after the explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who first recorded the bird’s existence in 1519.  

    Listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the species has approached “near threatened” status in the past. Magellanic penguins often found covered in oil, because they swim in

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  • (Photo: Facebook / Kingston Police)(Photo: Facebook / Kingston Police)
    A seemingly emotionless elderly patient at residential care home in England brought her nursing staff to tears with her reaction to a police dog.

    For about a month before Sgt. Tony Marshall from Response Team B went to Star & Garter, his visit was the talk of the residential care home.

    But when he got there, it were his four-legged friends that stole the show, the Kingston Police station wrote on their Facebook page.

    Sgt. Marshall spoke to the residents about scams and preventions, and, as important as his speech was, it was no match for the wagging tails and doey-eyes of the five dogs he brought with him.

    Excitement rang throughout the care home, but unfortunately, not everyone was there to enjoy it. 

    Some residents were unable to come downstairs due to their conditions and abilities, including Muriel, who had been at the home for a few months.

    (Photo: Facebook / Kingston Police)(Photo: Facebook / Kingston Police)
    So, if they couldn’t come to the puppies, the puppies were coming to them. 

    Sgt. Marshall and the dog handler took one of the pups, an

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