• Video of this mother cow reunited with her lost calf will melt your heart. (Photo: YouTube)Video of this mother cow reunited with her lost calf will melt your heart. (Photo: YouTube)

    Few things in life can match the power of a mother’s love.

    Karma the cow was rescued from a small farm where she suffered from the terrible conditions, the Dodo reports.  

    Once she was situated at her new home at Gentle Barn Sanctuary in California, her rescuers, Jay Weiner and Ellie Laks, were startled to discover that she would often cry throughout the night.  

    Shortly after, Weiner and Laks discovered that Karma’s udders were full of milk, a clear indicator that she must have had a baby, which must have been left behind at the previous farm. Karma’s owners were able to track down her previous owners, who informed them that Karma did have a baby, tragically, it was on his way to the butcher. 

    As the Dodo reports, the car that the calf was being transported in had broken down on the road, giving rescuers from the sanctuary ample time to spare the calf from certain death.

    What happened next will surely melt your heart. 

    Gentle Barn released a video that captured Karma reuniting with

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  • The cast of X-men has landed in Montreal to film the latest chapter in the mutant franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse. And just as you’d imagine, the media attention appears to be drawn to star Jennifer Lawrence, but the headlines have very little to do with her role in the blockbuster movie. 

    This past Friday, Lawrence took time out of her busy filming schedule to pay a visit to Shriners Hospital for Children.

    Lawrence, who plays Mystique in the X-Men franchise, spent the day hanging out with the kids and meeting the staff.

    Jennifer Lawrence visits with Children at the Shriners Childrens Hospital in Montreal. (Photo: Facebook/Shriners Childrens Hospital)Jennifer Lawrence visits with Children at the Shriners Childrens Hospital in Montreal. (Photo: Facebook/Shriners Childrens Hospital)

    As you can see from the overjoyed looks on their faces, the kids were thrilled with their special visitor.

    Lawrence is known to make special visits to children’s hospitals. For the past two years she has visited the Kosair Children’s Hospital in her hometown Louisville, Kentucky, during the Christmas holiday.

    According to Entertainment Weekly, Lawrence has been filming in Montreal for the past few weeks. She is accompanied by co-stars Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy,

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  • This photo of a kind gesture quickly went viral. (Photo: Facebook/CanberraMums)This photo of a kind gesture quickly went viral. (Photo: Facebook/CanberraMums)

    A parking ticket can ruin anyone’s day, but this young mother has nothing but kind things to say after she was issued one of her own. 

    The mother’s name has not been revealed, so we’ll call her Jane. 

    Jane and her nine-week-old son were recently released from the Canberra Hospital in New South Wales, Australia. 

    After spending several days at the hospital with her sick baby, the last thing Jane needed to worry about was parking. As Jane and her son were discharged from the hospital, she noticed a ticket awaiting her on the windshield of her car. 

    “After those days in the hospital, a parking ticket was one more thing I didn’t need,” the mother wrote.

    But to her surprise, there was a a little pink post-it note attached to the ticket.

    “I saw your car had a parking ticket on it. I’m sure whatever you are going through at hospital is tough enough so I have paid for you,” it read. 

    The stranger, who is identified only as Laura, included a receipt number and date paid before signing off

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  • U.S. teens struck by lightning saved by holding hands, doctors say

    “It felt kind of like I was getting hit over the head with metal or something."

    (Photo: ThinkStock)(Photo: ThinkStock)

    Thanks to an innocent display of public affection, this teen couple truly has an electrifying love story to tell. 

    Last week, Lexie Varga and Dylan Corliss were walking down a street in Claremont, California, on their way to get a burger when the two were reportedly struck by lightning.

    “One second we were (in) one place talking and then suddenly we were on the ground looking at each other just screaming,” Corliss told ABC News.

    According to one doctor, the small romantic gesture of holding hands may have saved the lovebirds from serious injury and potential death.

    “The chance of getting hit by lightning is very uncommon – perhaps one in a million,” Dr. Stefan Reynoso told Fox 12 Oregon. “They were lucky they were holding hands. It helped diffuse that electric current.”

    The lightning bolt reportedly hit Corliss in the back of the head, travelling though his body and into Varga’s before exiting her body through her foot.

    The two were quickly knocked down to the ground, and both had

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  • (Photo: Tribune)(Photo: Tribune)

    Homeless cats and dogs in Phoenix, Arizona, now have a better shot at finding a forever home, thanks to a U.S. court that’s upheld a law forcing pet stores in the city to strictly sell rescue animals.

    Pet stores across Arizona’s largest city are now forbidden from carrying dogs and cats from commercial breeders. It’s an attempt to crack down on puppy mills and tackle the high number of stray animals and euthanasia rates in shelters.

    More than 7,400 dogs and 900 cats were euthanized in a year at the taxpayer-funded Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

    Phoenix City Council passed the original decision in late 2013. In July 2014, Frank and Vicki Mineo, owners of Puppies ‘N Love, filed a federal suit against the city, arguing that the ruling violated state and federal commerce laws, which would force them out of business. They are the only pet store in Phoenix that exclusively sells animals from regulated breeders, reports The Arizona Republic.

    U.S. District Judge David G. Campbell

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  • The last thing a driver wants to deal with on a hot summer day is a pesky driving ticket. However, one police officer in the state of Georgia decided to do something a little sweeter for the drivers that he pulled over: he surprised them with ice cream.

    Officer Ed Smith, of the Warner Robins Police Department, decided instead of handing out infractions to drivers, he gave them a Dairy Queen Blizzard and a warning.  

    The initiative, which was called ‘Traffic Stops For Blizzards’, was part of a fundraiser to support Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day, which is their annual event that partners with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. For every treat sold on July 30, one dollar or more was donated to nearby hospitals.  

    According to TODAY News, in order for a driver to receive the tasty infraction, they had to actually make a driving violation. 

    “We can’t violate their Fourth Amendment rights, so there had to be probable cause for the stop to be made,” Smith said. “Failure to use a turn

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  • Husband surprises wife with her own pregnancy

    "I can’t believe I’m finding out like this."

    It’s not often a husband gets to break the news to his wife that they’re expecting. 

    So after getting a hunch that his wife may be pregnant with their third child, Sam Rader decided to reverse the roles. 

    He surprised his wife, Nia, with news of her pregnancy before she even knew and shared the adorable moment on YouTube. It has since received over four million views. 

    The YouTube couple are high school sweethearts from Wills Point, Texas, and are raising their two children while vlogging daily about their lives.

    Rader knew his wife might be pregnant after she sent him a text message saying she was two weeks late. So when he came home from work, he decided to investigate and managed to steal a urine sample from her.

    “So I had this dream about announcing Nia’s pregnancy to her,” Rader says into the camera. “I wanted to find out before she does.”

    Standing in the bathroom, he explains that his wife pees throughout the night and doesn’t flush the toilet, afraid she’ll wake up the baby.

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  • Woman looking to buy juicer for cancer-stricken mom gets a kind surprise from stranger

    “I was shocked, and then thought maybe I’d read it wrong."

    Cara Grace Duggan was shocked by the kind-hearted gesture. (Photo: Facebook/Cara Grace Duggan)Cara Grace Duggan was shocked by the kind-hearted gesture. (Photo: Facebook/Cara Grace Duggan)

    A girl whose mother is fighting cancer got a huge surprise from a random stranger and their story has melted the hearts of many online. 

    Cara Grace Duggan from Belfast, Ireland, was hunting for a used Nutribullet for her mother, Kim, who was diagnosed with stage four oesophageal cancer last year.

    Doctors told the family that the cancer was far too aggressive and all they could do was just “prolong her decline,” reported the Irish Mirror.

    “Thankfully for us, none of us were willing to give up that easily,” Duggan told the news outlet. “Over the last few months mum has been receiving various alternative therapies and has adopted a very healthy vegan alkaline diet.”

    Cara Grace Duggan's mom, Kim. (Photo: GoFundMe)Cara Grace Duggan's mom, Kim. (Photo: GoFundMe)

    The family then decided it needed a juicer for mom’s diet.

    Earlier this week, Duggan found someone selling a second-hand Nutribullet on Gumtree but unfortunately, she needed the seller to mail the juicer from London, where he was living. 

    He responded by saying he would be happy to send the juicer to Ireland and that Duggan

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  • Charlotte Campbell and her loving father, Alistair. (Photo: Facbook/The LAD Bible)Charlotte Campbell and her loving father, Alistair. (Photo: Facbook/The LAD Bible)

    In a touching display of affection and support, a New Zealand father has gotten a cochlear implant tattoo so his young daughter doesn’t feel alone.

    Charlotte Campbell, 6, who had her first implant put in at the age of four, has just received her second cochlear implant, reports The New Zealand Herald.

    Her father, Alistair, decided to get his own implant tattooed on the side of his head, after discovering Charlotte was deaf in her left ear and has a condition that limits sound from transmitting to her right ear.

    What prompted the formerly tattoo-free dad to shave his head and get inked?  

    “My love for her, really,” he told The New Zealand Herald.  “Hey, my hair can grow back.”

    According toThe Huffington Post, Campbell plans on growing his hair but will shave it for special occasions — or anytime his daughter wants a reminder.

    Mr. Campbell told The New Zealand Herald that Charlotte giggled when she saw the tattoo, calling it “cool.”

    A photo of the pair has gone viral, with over 60,000

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  • Amaze-Bobb: Couple rescues two-legged dog that lived on streets for 10 years

    Years of neglect left two of the dogs legs to self-amputate due to the extremely matted fur

    Before: Amaze-Bobb's severely matted fur (L). After: Sporting a nifty mohawk. (Photo: Facebook/Amaze-Bobb)Before: Amaze-Bobb's severely matted fur (L). After: Sporting a nifty mohawk. (Photo: Facebook/Amaze-Bobb)

    The old saying ‘It’s not what’s on the outside that counts, it’s what’s on the inside’ still rings true to this very day. Especially when thinking of Amaze-Bobb, a two legged poodle who spent ten years living on the streets of Los Angeles.

    Amaze-Bobb has lived a rather tough life, and if he hadn’t been rescued by Synergy, a rescue, rehab and sanctuary for special needs animals, who knows what could have happened to him. 

    This past January, he was taken to Synergy animal rescue in San Diego. During his years on the streets, he was never properly cared for and never received a hair cut. Poodles are typically required to get one every four to six weeks.  

    When Amaze-Bobb made it to Synergy, they discovered that the years of neglect had left two of the dogs legs to self-amputate due to the extremely matted fur that was cutting of circulation. The dog also had extremely rotted teeth and now only has four left.

    After getting cleaned up, a couple decided to foster the little dog and soon

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