• Dog that 'barked too much' finally found a loving home after four years in a shelter

    “That was the day I met the real Mira: the Mira who thinks she’s still a puppy."


    After nearly four years in a shelter, confined to a cage, this pup is finally breaking free.

    It all started at a Middletown Humane Society in New York State when a volunteer was asked to take out the dog in the corner cage that “barked so much.” Danyell Hopper remembers being very nervous.

    After all, Mira – the eight-year-old pup – had been there for more than three years and made so much noise that Hopper was certain “that’s why she hadn’t been adopted yet.”

    But after spending some one-on-one time with Mira, Hopper’s began to witness a loving side to Mira that had gone unnoticed.

    “I remember sitting there, so scared of the dog who probably weighed more than I did,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “But she laid [sic] down next to me and rolled on her back for a belly rub.”

    Mira went on to play until she was so pooped that she lied across Hopper as if she were a lapdog.

    “It surprised me when I looked at her in that moment, because I remember thinking, ‘this is why you haven’t been

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  • Warning: If you haven’t cried yet today, this video may change that.

    The student chorus from PS22 on Staten Island performed a moving rendition of Martina McBride’s Grammy-nominated song “I’m Gonna Love You Through It,” for teacher Adriana Lopez, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

    “Because we were inspired by your fighting spirit, we wanted to give something back to you,” chorus director Gregg Breinberg told Lopez in the video.

    “When you feel lost and scared to death, like you can’t take one more step, just take my hand, together we can do it — I’m gonna love you through it,” sang the 5th-graders.

    “I want to thank you for this special moment,” Lopez said, after shedding more than a few tears. “It’s not easy, but I will get through it because I have wonderful friends at this school.”

    The PS22 Chorus has made quite the name for itself since its inception in 2000, having sung for everyone from Beyonce to President Obama to Stevie Nicks. The public school also recorded a

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  • Strangers stop mother’s car from being towed while she’s in the ER with her baby

    “It made a very tough and stressful situation a lot easier for me."

    (Photo credit: Facebook: Kaylee Katrine Goemans)(Photo credit: Facebook: Kaylee Katrine Goemans)

    When you’re facing an emergency at the hospital, the last thing you’re worried about is putting more money in the parking meter.

    And thanks to some understanding strangers, Kaylee Goemans didn’t have to.

    When Goemans rushed her six-month-old son to the emergency room in Barrie, Ontario, she paid for four hours parking, thinking she wouldn’t need any more time than that.

    The doctor had just called her to inform her that her son, Dominic, had complications due to an intestine disorder and urged her to get to the ER fast, reports TODAY.

    But once they arrived at, Goemans and her son were forced to wait three long hours for the doctor. 

    That’s when it donned on the 27-year-old that her parking meter would most likely run up before the visit was over.

    Goemans, who didn’t want to leave her sick son in order to top up the meter, took to Facebook in search of help.

    On a Facebook group for local mothers, Goemans reached out to ask strangers if they knew whether her car had been ticketed or

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  • <span>Cab driver John Strickland stands with Cuban athlete Dailenys Pacheco after returning her walled, July 22, 2015.</span>

    A cab driver went the extra mile for a Pan Am athlete and is now being recognized by Toronto police for his act of kindness.

    John Strickland has been a Toronto taxi driver for more than 35 years. At last, it is his turn to stand in the spotlight after he returned a lost wallet to a Cuban athlete.  

    “Strickland deserves a gold medal for his honesty,” Toronto Det. Sgt. Ian McArthur said in a statement released yesterday. “He is a true ambassador of our city.”

    According to the police statement, Strickland picked up Dailenys Alcantara Pacheco, a track and field athlete who recently competed in the triple jump, from the Walmart at Gerrard Square.

    The 23-year-old was heading towards the Athletes Village. Upon arriving, the Cuban athlete paid her fare, gathered her belongings and left the cab. But unfortunately, she left one personal item behind.

    Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Pacheco to realize that her wallet was missing, which contained all of her identification and “a significant

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  • Boy uses his Make-A-Wish to feed his neighbourhood

    “When I was sick, people brought me food."

    No one can pass up a good food truck, and this 12-year-old cancer patient knows just that.

    When Lucas Hobbs from Minneapolis, Minnesota, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the locals rushed make his life easier in any way they could.

    “When I was sick, people brought me food from our church and it was really nice of them,” Hobbs told CBS Minnesota.

    Their kindness motivated the little man to pay-it-forward, so he asked his parents if he could use his Make-A-Wish to help others.

    After watching the movie ‘Chef’ – a film that chronicles a father and son food truck operation – Hobbs found his inspiration.

    (Facebook/Make-A-Wish Minnesota)(Facebook/Make-A-Wish Minnesota)

    Hobbs’ very own group of food trucks, dubbed ChefLucasFood, delivered free food to five different groups: the Minneapolis Police Department, a homeless shelter, senior center, church and children’s hospital, Kare-11 reports.

    “To be able to get a free, healthy meal from a young man, and make his wish come true,” Officer Craig Crisp Jr. told Kare-11 when the food truck was stopped in

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  • Police officer spends his last day giving gift cards instead of tickets

    “I got a little scared but he came with some good news."

    Instead of giving out tickets on his last day, one police officer gave back to the community he loved.

    After 14 years serving as a police officer, Brian Peters used his own money to purchase multiply gift cards from Target and Cub Foods worth $50 each and handed them out to strangers in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

    “People need groceries, and kids need toys,” Peters told ABC News. “My goal was to walk around the city and just find people that could maybe use a little extra cash or income to buy kids some toy.”

    It only took Peters about two-and-half hours to give away all ten gift cards to people who he believed needed it and would appreciate a little help. From mothers with children to a young couple, Peters surprised each one of them with his kind gesture.

    On his last day as a Brooklyn Center Police Commander, Brian Peters gave out $50 gift cards to strangers.On his last day as a Brooklyn Center Police Commander, Brian Peters gave out $50 gift cards to strangers.

    Among the recipients to receive a $50 gift card was Shaundra Lindsay, who plans on using them to buy food and back-to-school items for her three children.

    “I got a little scared but he came with some good news,” Lindsay told NBC

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  • Couple doubles family after taking in late friend’s four daughters

    “She said if anything ever happens to me, I want you to take my girls and I instantly said okay."

    Laura Ruffino updated her Facebook cover photo with this adorable pic. (Facebook/Laura Ruffino)Laura Ruffino updated her Facebook cover photo with this adorable pic. (Facebook/Laura Ruffino)

    In fulfilling a dying wish to a family friend, a New York couple has doubled the size of its family after adopting their late friend’s four daughters.

    When Laura Ruffino’s best friend Elizabeth Diamond was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in the summer of 2014, the two had a life-altering conversation.

    “She said if anything ever happens to me, I want you to take my girls and I instantly said okay,” Laura Ruffino told 7 Eyewitness News.

    When Diamond, 40, passed away in April of this year, the Ruffino family was changed forever when they welcomed the four girls into their home – leaving them now with six children.

    “Ten years ago I didn’t think this would be my life. But if something gets thrown at you just accept the challenge and do the best you can,” Laura’s husband, Rico said.

    In an attempt to combat the upcoming challenges, the family set up a YouCaring page to ask for support as they are receiving “no financial child support to accommodate this quick expansion.”

    “If you know

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  • Retired teacher gets a flash mob farewell

    “It was a wonderful way to celebrate."

    A retired teacher got an unforgettable goodbye from her students and colleagues on her last day. 

    Margaret Gabica taught at St. Julian’s Primary School in Wales for more than 25 years.

    On her final break duty before her retirement last week, teachers and students broke into a flash mob set to the Lion King musical’s version of “He Lives In You.” 

    The adorable performance, which moved her to tears, was caught on video and has touched many hearts since.

    “The children and teachers wanted to do something special to celebrate all that she has done for the school,” reads the message at the start of the video.

    Gabica is seen standing in the center of the school yard interacting with the children, when the song slowly creeps in through the speakers. 

    Teachers and students gather around her and surprise Gabica with their rehearsed routine. All in sync, they start clapping their hands and twirling to the music. 


    Towards the end, Gabica is clearly emotional and can’t hold back her tears any

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  • (Facebook/Samuel Rousseau-Mascolo)(Facebook/Samuel Rousseau-Mascolo)

    A Canadian man proved that looking out for other people never takes a vacation.

    Samuel Rousseau-Mascolo was vacationing in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, when he saw four beachgoers battling to keep their heads above water, reports CBC News.

    The 20-year-old lifeguard’s instincts quickly took over as he scurried to find someone with surfboards.

    “Something had to be done,” he told La Voix De l’Est in French.

    He and the surfboard owner raced into the Indian Ocean to reach the struggling swimmers, who were being carried by the current.

    “Each of us [had] two swimmers clinging to our surfboard, which we used as a lifesaver,” Rousseau-Mascolo told CBC News.

    There were only a dozen meters separating the stranded from the beach, but because of the powerful winds and currents, it took around 10 minutes to bring them back to dry land, reports La Voix De l’Est.

    One of the rescued, Rousseau-Mascolo said, was so weak that a simple wave could have made him fall.

    The victims – who were luckily all

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  • (Facebook/The Boca Beacon)(Facebook/The Boca Beacon)

    A Florida community is showing tons of support for a beloved toll booth worker who recently lost his job. 

    Vladislav “Sam” Samsonov was a toll collector at the Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority (GIBA) in Boca Raton, Florida, for nearly 30 years. He was known by many in the area as a friendly worker who often gave out treats to dogs and lollipops to children.

    But it all changed last week. 

    According to a news report from Florida NBC station WBBH, the 77-year-old accidentally undercharged a trailer driver and decided to pay the five-dollar difference out of his own pocket. His good deed was caught on the security camera, and since covering a driver’s toll is against GIBA’s rules, Samsonov was subsequently terminated.

    In an email obtained by the local Boca Beacon newspaper, GIBA Chairman Ginger Watkins explains the incident: “The policy is to admit the mistake and reconcile the mistake with accounting … the action of personally funding or withdrawing cash to make it correct before it is

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