Bank advisor visits robbed veteran’s home to help him cancel credit cards

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Royal Air Force veteran Louis Butler, 92, was asleep in his Greater Manchester, England, home when burglars broke in and stole cash, his laptop, his passport and other identification.

Not knowing what to do or who to call first, Butler called the Royal Bank of Scotland customer services number, hoping someone could tell him what to do.

He wasn't expecting to end up receiving exceptional service that would include a house call.

"I didn't know what to do until I found the phone number for the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) customer services, so I rang them. A nice lady answered and I was very surprised but happy that she was from my local the branch rather than from a call centre in India," Butler told the Daily Mail.

"I'm hard of hearing and knew I wouldn't understand them if I got through to someone there. When I told her what had happened the lady just dropped everything and came straight round to my home in her car to help me cancel my cards. I was amazed. She is so helpful. I can't thank her enough."

RBS advisor Victoria Mowbray, 43, restored his "faith in human nature," Butler said, adding that beyond cancelling his cards, Mowbray called the police for him so he could report the crime and even called his daughter to tell her about the incident.

"For her to then come over and help me was above and beyond the call of duty. I just wish more banks could operate like this when their customers need them," he said.

Mowbray insists she didn't do anything special:

"When he rang the bank, I didn't even know if he was a customer of ours or not. He was saying he was a 92-year-old man and he had been robbed. He said he had gone downstairs and they had taken everything. I was worried there was no-one at home with him and I couldn't have that on my mind, especially if he was in shock," she said.

"I told my manager I needed to go even if it was my lunch. I helped him cancel all his cards and I called the police on the way to the house. When I got to his house I recognised him, and realised he had been a customer of the bank for a long time. I was just only too pleased to help — there are some despicable people out there."