Best job ever? Photo of airline worker cuddling puppy goes viral

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Two days ago, redditor rikesb posted a photo of his girlfriend holding a puppy on Reddit:

"My [girfriend] works for an airline," he wrote. "Part of her job is comforting puppies who have to fly alone."

The image quickly went viral, earning over 1.2 million views so far.

"Yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and switch jobs now," one redditor commented.

Even cynics warmed to the sweet photo:

"I just asked out loud 'Why is this a job?' and my four year-old daughter looked over and said, 'In case the dog gets scared, Papa.' Put in my place!" wrote redditor quadshot.

Airlines have their own rules and regulations for pet travel — both Air Canada and WestJet list pet transportation guidelines on their sites — but none are specifically boasting cuddle time for your lonely canine friends.

While most airlines have strict rules about keeping pets in their carriers on flights, some redditors found the photo far from unusual:

"When my dog has had to fly internationally, some airlines have it in their policies that they will take the dog out and feed them during connecting flights e.g. at a stopover in Tokyo from LA to Bangkok," wrote RittMomney.

burlycabin added:

"I met two of the flight attendants after they came off the flight my puppy was on (they were carrying their luggage, so I'm pretty sure they weren't full of it). My corgi came from Indiana and had a connection in Chicago on his way to Seattle. His flight was late, so he missed his connection and had to spend 9 hours in Chicago. The flight attendants told us that they got to take the dogs out of their kennels to walk them and play with them. It sounded like a number of attendants and/or staff participated. I don't know if this was an unusual event, but they were all pretty happy about it."

Puppies need to stretch their legs, too.