Buck the dog, shot and left for dead, makes remarkable recovery

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

A tragic story of cruelty has a hopeful ending for other abused animals.

Buck the dog was shot in the face with a shotgun multiple times, shoved in a garbage bag and tied to a t-post along Bulldog Lane in Conroe, Texas, in near-freezing temperatures. He survived the ordeal, but with horrific injuries.

Tami Augustyn's neighbour found the bloodied dog crawling out of the garbage bag on Saturday morning. Augustyn, known locally for rescuing animals, immediately brought the battered dog to an emergency clinic where doctors warned of potential brain damage and noted the canine's permanent loss of vision.

Determined to give Buck a new chance at a happy life, Augustyn created a Facebook page to raise the $2,500 needed to cover his medical expenses.

The story of "the dog who wouldn't die" made headlines everywhere.

After the Montgomery County Police Reporter shared Buck's story, donations started pouring in. Within two days, more than $10,000 was raised, covering all of his expenses, including an ophthalmologist visit.

"Today he's great," Augustyn told the New York Daily News on Tuesday of Buck's recovery so far. "He's very happy when he sees me, when he hears my voice."

Augustyn has now raised more than $30,000. With any additional funds, Augustyn plans on creating The Buck Foundation, which will help other abused dogs.

"To everyone wanting to donate for Buck, please be advised I have raised more than enough money for even the worst case scenario," Augustyn wrote on the Buck Needs Bucks Facebook. "The generosity of everyone & the outpouring of love & support has given me the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream. With all leftover and future donations, I will be creating The Buck Foundation. This foundation will be used to continue to fund other cruelty situations in need, assist other rescue organizations in their endeavors, use Buck as a mascot/poster dog for animal cruelty and go into schools to raise awareness about animal cruelty for our next generation and many, more things. Buck's tragedy will be turned into something GOOD that will have a ripping effect for a long time to come."

The criminal investigation is still ongoing.