Buddy Media CEO Michael Lazerow sells company and inspires with video

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
Good News

Two hours after signing the deal to sell his company Buddy Media, CEO Michael Lazerow sat down to capture the monumental occasion in a wordless video.

"After we signed, I sat down and recorded a personal video," Lazerow wrote on his website. "It's raw and emotional and captured the feelings I had after signing. I thought about not sharing it as it is so personal. But that wouldn't be very social-media like of me. I figure I've been sharing what I've been eating, doing, seeing and more for hte better part of 5 years. So why stop now?"

For three inspiring minutes, "serial entrepreneur" Lazerow shares the story of how he cheated death — he was born with a serious heart defect — and learned to live without fear.

Salesforce.com purchased social-enterprise software company Buddy Media for an impressive $689 million USD.