Cat cuddles baby in adorable video

Diana Hall
Good News

Who ever said a dog is man’s best friend?

In a charming YouTube video posted earlier this year, it’s a long-haired cat that cuddles up beside a baby, wraps its paw around the infant’s arm and holds on tight.

Set to a soothing tune fit for a lullaby, the video – called “Cat loves Baby AWW” – has stacked up more than 1.6 million views since March. It isn’t hard to see why: as the baby glances around the room, waving its arms and legs, the grey and white cat keeps reaching out to hold the baby’s tiny hand. It even rolls onto its back and pushes its head toward the infant’s cheek just to stay close.

The video seems to have perfect recipe for warming viewers’ hearts.

“try not to smile while watching this,” one YouTube commenter dared.

“This is so cute I just yelled out the unmanliest sound ever heard throughout the history of mankind,” wrote another.

It might not be puppy love, but it’s just as adorable to watch.

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