‘Christmas Pugs’: cute canines prep for the holidays

Maybe we're not quite ready for the holidays, but a handful of cute pugs are.

The funny-faced friends are modelling their Christmas accessories, showing off their sleigh-pulling skills, posing for their annual portraits with Santa Claus, and generally winning over the Internet.

"If Ebenezer Scrooge showed up to my house and was like, 'BAH…' I’d show him this video before he even had a chance to say, 'HUMBUG!' And I bet these pugs would melt the ice around his cold, dark heart and we’d all eat goose before realizing it’s only December 3 and goose is gross," writes Ashley Burns for Uproxx.

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Watch the Christmas pugs spread a little holiday cheer below.

Now excuse me while I go add "pug" to my Christmas list.