Computer glitch prompts supermarket to give customers free groceries

Nadine Bells
Good News
November 22, 2012

Talk about customer service!

When a computer crash halted checkout lines at a Harris Teeter grocery store in Morrocroft Village, North Carolina, on Sunday, store employees served up samples of turkey and ham subs, sushi rolls and pimento cheese crackers to those stuck in line.

And then, because of the hour-and-half wait, the store gave the customers their groceries for free.

"I think Harris Teeter handled it really well. They showed how much they cared about their customers and even the customers were — for the most part — taking it in stride," Dave Coburn, one of the customers stuck in line, told the Charlotte Observer. The satisfied customer estimated the value of his groceries to be about $110 that day.

"Rather than inconveniencing our customers, we did allow complimentary groceries to approximately 60 (to) 70 customers who were in the store trying to check out," Harris Teeter spokeswoman Danna Jones wrote in an email to the paper.

The glitch was repaired and business continued as usual.