Coyote rescued from truck's grill, expected to make full recovery

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A coyote got stuck in the front of Mark Armour's Buick Verano while driving to work one day. (Facebook/Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation) (Facebook)

Early on September 24, Mark Armour thought his truck hit something on his way to work as a train conductor — but he didn’t see anything, so he kept driving.

When he pulled into the employee parking lot, people at the train station in Waukegan, Illinois, were shocked to see a coyote wedged in the grill of his vehicle.

“It was even more amazing he survived,” Amber Manley, an animal control officer for the Waukegan Police Department who was called to the scene, told the Sun-Times.

Using safety equipment to protect herself from a potential coyote bite, Manley freed the animal from the truck and placed it in an animal control crate. ”He seemed docile,” she said of the coyote, who was likely in shock.

Manley then took the coyote to Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation for medical treatment. There, staff at the centre discovered the coyote suffered three leg fractures.

Dawn Keller, executive director and founder of the Barrington, Illinois-based wildlife center, set the coyote’s fractures, administered antibiotics, and is hoping to see the animal make a full recovery.

The centre hopes to release the coyote back into the wild after the winter.

Armour, the man who hit the coyote, is now raising money to aid in the animal’s recovery. He named the coyote Vern.

"I am so glad ‘Vern’ will recover. (I drive a Buick Verano) I will be putting the shoulder to my coworkers, to raise some funding to donate to Vern’s recovery," Armour wrote on the wildlife centre’s Facebook wall. “Thank you so much for taking care of him.”

Anyone wishing to donate to Vern’s recovery can do so here.

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