Dad receives holiday donations for his kids, repays the act of kindness

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Holiday spirit to the rescue!

Last week, father of four Michael Corrigan posted his story on Reddit. He was feeling discouraged by a series of financial setbacks, and considered himself a failure for not being able to adequately provide for his children.

"I have sold all of my stuff worth of any value to be able to pay some bills and I have nothing left. My power is due to be cut off on December 10 because of a $400.00 past due balance, my water is due to be cut off December 10th as well due to $120.00 past due. And of course all this comes full circle in December," he wrote. "I just got off the phone with my landlord asking in a not so happy tone when the rest of Decembers rent would be paid. I feel like a complete and utter failure. It pains me to my core, and nothing hurts more than seeing my kids go without. I honestly don't think I can bare to look into their eyes on Christmas morning, and what I will say."

Read his entire story here.

Fellow redditors immediately responded to Corrigan with offers of financial assistance.

"I would like to pay for your past due water bill. I am 100% serious. Please PM me to see how we can figure this out. There is no reason your children should have to do without; you are not a failure. So many of us don't realize how easy it is to get into a tough situation. We're all practically one paycheck away from it." redditor girlinthecity wrote. "Let me help you."

The next commenter offered to pay his power bill.

Another wanted to buy his kids a Christmas tree.

The Reddit community convinced Corrigan to accept their generosity. To make it easy for people to donate, he set up a fund on Indiegogo and posted a link to an Amazon Wish List.

As the donations poured in, Corrigan continued to update his story.

"UPDATE: Power bill almost completely paid up, and water bill paid in full. You are all AMAZING GREAT PEOPLE!!!" he wrote, linking to a photo of his thankful children.

His second update added that he would be forwarding some of the money and gifts to his murdered brother's family.

The third update included his promise to give away all the extra money and toys that poured in.

"ALL extra money and toys will be going to others so I can spread your love. PLEASE PLEASE help others out here who need it now, let's make this a night amazing for others as well. Thank You for everything," he wrote.

Soon he was asking people to stop donating, as his Indiegogo site had raised an overwhelming $10,180 by the time he discontinued it.

Redditors' generosity moved some readers to tears.

"This is the most beautiful thing ever. You guys are blowing my mind.... Sitting here in tears. I love this community," JavaGurl wrote.

girlinthecity, the first Redditor to offer assistance, wrote about her decision to help:

"I just have more than I will ever need and I believe in the good of people. What use is $200 sitting in my bank account if I can give it to a family of six who needs it? That, to me, is the price of a new pair of shoes and it won't kill me to do without."

She added, "I think we're all in this together — gay, straight, atheist, Christian, Muslim, whatever — and we all need to realize that this world would be a better place if we just helped one another."