‘Dancing cows’ welcome spring with enthusiasm

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Earlier this week, a Shetland pony doing the moonwalk made us smile.

Today, dancing cows are going viral. Only this time, the cows aren't digital creatures designed for an advertising campaign. These animals are just genuinely excited for spring.

In the 2010 video which recently resurfaced on Reddit, Beemster cows in Holland leap for joy after being set out to pasture for the first time since their winter indoors.

"This Dutch Groundhog Day signals the start to spring and is quite an experience to see as the cows literally run and jump with anticipation as they can now freely graze on the lush, untouched spring pastures of the Beemster polder," video uploader jktollmar wrote on YouTube.

"Beemster Graskaas is a rare, extra smooth cheese made in April from the first milking of the cows as they leave the barn for the first time after the cold, windy winter. The milk taken during the first weeks of Spring is the creamiest and is used to create a special edition cheese to be released at the Spring Cheese Festival."

Another Dutch cheese company, Landana, celebrates its happy-for-spring cows, too:

"When Spring comes in Holland, Landana cows go outside and graze in the grass. Cows going out run and jump with happiness that they are in green meadows. In Holland we call them 'dancing cows.'"

Treehugger explains that this cow happiness is celebrated throughout Europe:

"Each year, thousands of Swedes gather to observe what's known as kosläpp, the cow's annual return to graze which has come to mark the end of winter — a rare bit of interspecies merrymaking that seems to acknowledge, in some small way, that the joy of Spring is joy for all."

Watch more "dancing cows" here.

The first signs of spring should inspire happy dances from us all.