Edmonton’s boxcar kittens adopted together

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News
Two kittens that hitched a ride in a sealed boxcar on a train from Chicago survived five days without food or water. The Edmonton Humane Society put the kittens up for adoption Tuesday.

In September, a pair of two-month-old kittens survived a five-day train ride from Chicago to Edmonton in a sealed boxcar — without food or water.

Rescuers named the "modern-day hobo kittens" Chicago Joe and Boxcar Willemina.

The cats were taken to a shelter, were spayed and neutered, and spent six weeks in a foster home "to be socialized with humans, other felines and dogs," said Edmonton Humane Society spokesperson Shawna Randolf.

Randolf suspected the kittens were led into the CN train car by their stray mother and then the door was locked before she was able to return to retrieve them.

On Tuesday, a young couple adopted both kittens.

"Just seeing the story on the news and working for CN seemed like a good match for me," Adrian Michalczyk, who adopted the kittens with his fiancée, told CBC News.