Football captain, 17, counters cyber bullying with kindness online

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
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When 17-year-old Kevin Curwick saw that his classmates at Osseo High School in Minnesota were being teased on Twitter, the football captain took action by targeting the same students with kindness.

"I wasn't personally attacked but it just hit me the wrong way, these were coming out about my friends. I want them to feel welcomed, be happy about what they are and what they contribute to Osseo," he told KARE.

Using an anonymous Twitter account, @OsseoNiceThings, Curwick singled out his fellow students, praising them for their strengths and gifts.

"There are too many good people in Osseo to have any one of their reputations ruined," he tweeted on July 29th before praising individuals.

"Always makes people laugh," he wrote about one student.

"Puts others before herself everyday. Unselfish friend," he wrote about another.

Curwick says that since his kindness tweets went viral, the accounts that were attacking the students disappeared. Similar kindness-based Twitter accounts have now popped up, spreading compliments to students at other schools in the area.

Curwick's football coach, Darren Lamker, says Curwick's attitude helped land him the position of team captain for the upcoming season.

"He is a dream kid to have on your team, with a 4.0, a community leader, does everything like that. To find a kid that can be strong enough to take the other angle. Very mature of Kevin to do something like that and hopefully it catches on, even if kids think it is hokey, that's okay," Lamker said.