Golden Retriever finds family’s missing second dog in a drain pipe

A Golden Retriever named Bojangles came to the rescue last week.

Bojangles' owners' other dog, a German Shepherd named Katie, went missing last Friday in rural North Carolina.

"Katie disappeared from my parents’ house around noon on Friday. She rarely even leaves the yard, so for her not to show up after a few hours was cause for alarm," wrote Redditor Hoodooz39, the dog owners' daughter. "My mom, dad, husband and I spent hours riding the rural roads around our house, calling and calling for her. We had a false sighting several miles away, so we spent hours there as well. We have 40 acres on our property, most of it overgrown woods. We spent hours in those woods searching and calling."

Thirty hours passed with no signs of Katie anywhere.

Late Saturday afternoon, Hoodooz39's kids and their friends went for a walk with Bojangles. Instead of taking their usual route to a creek and back, the kids and the dog walked through the woods.

"As they walked home, Bojangles ran to the drainage pipe and barked. The kids went to see what had him so excited and Katie’s nose popped out the end of the pipe! They called us and my parents and we rushed to where they were. After seeing the situation, we called 9-1-1 and within an hour, Katie was free!" Hoodooz29 wrote. "We had driven by the pipe no less than 10 times that weekend. It was nothing short of a miracle that the kids decided to take that walk that evening."

Katie was tired and thirsty but otherwise healthy and unharmed.

Photos of the rescue — emergency crews used the Jaws of Life to pry open the pipe — were posted on imgur.