Good Samaritan breaks into Las Vegas house to save man from fire

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

On Wednesday afternoon, Enrique Cuevas' Las Vegas home went up in flames.

Cuevas was napping, unaware, inside the home.

He lived to tell the tale thanks to a good Samaritan who broke into his home to wake him.

Paul Johnson, an employee at a local copy machine company, was walking back from lunch when he spotted smoke coming from Cuevas' house.

"And then I heard someone say, 'There is someone in the house, or I think someone is in the house,' and so I ran to the rear window," Johnson told MyNews3. "I pulled out my box cutter and started smashing out the windows."

Johnson suffered cuts to his hands, but managed to reach Cuevas before it was too late.

Cuevas, who speaks little English, told MyNews3 that he'd like to thank Johnson, to whom he believes he owes his life.

And while Johnson's actions were certainly heroic, firefighters caution that we shouldn't look to copy his dangerous behaviour:

"My recommendation is that you don't do it, because you don't have the proper protective equipment that we wear as firefighters," Clark County Deputy Fire Chief Erik Newman said. "But again we have to tip our hat off to that individual."

The Fire Department is still investigating the fire.