Good Samaritan ‘pays it forward’ and buys stranger new tires

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
Good News

Reddit may get its share of bad press — troll Violentacrez certainly didn't help — but it also celebrates good news, sweet moments and random acts of kindness. It has even become a place for the online community to rally together to help others.

Earlier this week, Reddit user womp0982 posted a photo of a typed note left on a truck:

"You do not know me but I saw that you needed some tires for your truck and I wanted to do something nice for a stranger because one day a stranger did something nice for me. The receipt is in the envelope and all you have to do is go by Warehouse Tire on 3rd Street and ask for Steven Hodges and they will be put on for free. All I ask is that one day you do something nice for a complete stranger," the note read.

After some Redditors expressed cynicism about the note — User AlexanderMoore2 immediately called the note a fake — Huffington Post determined that the note was, in fact, the real deal.

"[A] call to Warehouse Tire & Battery Sales revealed there indeed was a Steven Hodges working there. He confirmed to The Huffington Post that an order of tires had been placed, although he also said he thought the man and the good Samaritan might know each other," HuffPo reported.

Confirmation that the note wasn't a hoax inspired the cynical Redditor to apologize:

"I was in disbelief because it was just way too far-fetched to be real to me. I'm actually glad I was disproven and people like this actually do exist. This will serve as a reminder to me that just because something sounds really far-fetched doesn't mean it's impossible," AlexanderMoore2 commented on the article.

Back on Reddit, he wrote that he hopes the tire-buying stranger influences others to pay it forward, too.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness? Share your story in the comments!