Goodwill employee finds $3,300 stashed inside donated shoe

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Good News

Instead of tossing out an old pair of shoes, a Galveston, Texas man decided to donate them to charity.

The Goodwill location in Webster, Tex. gratefully accepted the footwear and tasked an employee with stocking the new item on their recent-addition shelves.

What the shoe donor failed to notice, however, was that his wife had stashed the couple's entire lifesavings — about $3,300 — in the toe of the shoe's right foot.

Luckily, as the Daily Mail notes, the keen-eyed employee spotted the wad of bills the original owner had somehow missed.

Though a thick stack of hundreds would be enticing for just about anyone to pocket, particularly in a tough economy, the employee brought his discovery straight to management.

"We have policies here at Goodwill," store manager Richard Lopez told "We want to make sure we're doing the right thing."

Lopez put the money in a safe place and for seven days he waited for someone to come by and claim it.

Finally, the female half of the rightful-owner couple clued in and tracked her savings down.

"She was so grateful," said Clarence Cope, who was working the day she came in. "She was crying."

With a happy resolution all around, the perfect end to this story would involve a shoe-shaped safe box about which both husband and wife are keenly aware.