Hawk drops puppy into new owner’s arms

Last year, a poodle fell from the sky — thanks to an eagle — to a better life.

This week, a similar story is making headlines.

Last weekend, a hawk dropped a puppy from the sky to the ground 30 feet below in Los Banos, California.

The tiny canine, named TJ Heavenly by its rescuers, had clutch marks on its body but was otherwise healthy. He opened his eyes for the first time this week, and has been eating well.

Elaine Bouschard and her grandson, Taylor Callaway, call finding the puppy a miracle.

"My thought is that when a god drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it," Bouschard told KSEE 24 News.

Bouschard assumes the puppy was snatched up from a junkyard as he was greasy when they found him.

Bouschard has added TJ Heavenly to her eclectic mix of pets on her sprawling rural property which includes dogs, cats, horses, and even hawks.

"I just want the puppy to be safe," she told NBC Bay Area of her immediate adoption of the pup that literally dropped into her life.

She added, "I actually think God just dropped me a baby to have for Mother's day, so this is my baby for Mothers Day!"