Hockey heroes: Leafs players sign toddler’s medically-required helmet

Dion Phaneuf and the Toronto Maple Leafs made the playoffs extra-special for one young fan.Just in time for Saturday night's game: a heartwarming, good-news story about the Leafs.

Toronto's professional hockey team has made this playoff season extra-special for one young fan.

Little Jack Monto was born with severe “positional plagiocephaly,” a superficial condition that left his head misshapen: his jaw was pushed to one side, his eyes were crooked.

To correct his head's shape, Jack wore a $2,000 all-white helmet for four months.

"His head is still a little bit oddly-shaped but compared to what it was, it's a huge difference," Jack's father, Don Monto, told the Toronto Sun.

"On a whim," Jack's parents, Monto and Jessica Somerville, wrote to the Toronto Maple Leafs' captain Dion Phaneuf and asked if he would consider signing their son's medically-required helmet.

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"His vocabulary is filled with hockey terms," Monto said of the young hockey fan, adding that Jack treats everything as a hockey puck and gets frustrated when commercials interrupt his hockey games.

Months later, the family got an answer from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment: Yes.

The organization asked if it would be okay if other team members also signed the 21-month-old boy's helmet.

Jack now boasts his very own custom-painted Maple Leafs helmet, covered in autographs from James Reimer, Mikhail Grabovski and Phaneuf, among others.

"I've been a Leafs fan since I’ve been a little boy, and the way Jack is, it was such a good gesture from the team, knowing that these guys have so much responsibility…[we were] very appreciative for them to take the time out for the little guy," Monto told QMI Agency.

Jack and his dad will be cheering on the Leafs together this playoff season.

"He has no other choice," Monto joked. "Now that he’s a hockey fan, he can only go one way."

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