Honda owner Joe LoCicero logs over 1 million miles

Joe LoCicero's 1990 Honda Accord just topped 1 million miles, a record for the model. On October 23rd, the Japanese carmaker honoured the 53-year-old car owner from Norway, Maine, with a 2012 Accord — not that he needs it. The old one is still roadworthy, complete with original transmission and engine.

"If you listen carefully, she's getting old," LoCicero told The Portland Press Herald. "But it's been an amazing ride."

"Million Mile Joe" bought his Accord used in 1996. At the time, it had only 74,000 miles recorded on its odometer. Since then, the master auto technician — LoCicero is a stickler for maintenance, strictly followed a schedule that included weekly fluid checks and oil-brand loyalty, logged an average of 62,500 miles a year as he traveled throughout the northeast states for work.

Since last summer, his adventures in the car he named "True Blue" were documented on, set up by Honda's ad agency.

This June, Honda featured him in a video as the million-mile record grew near:

"True Blue" reached the million-mile mark on Thursday, October 20. A million miles is the equivalent of driving around the planet 40 times.

The milestone was celebrated with a float- and costume-filled parade down Norway's Main Street, sponsored by Honda and Darling Auto Group.

"Joe is a testament to what you can do if you maintain your car," said Ron Russell, Darling Auto Group's director of operations in Bangor. "Thankfully, not many people do it or we'd be out of business."

At 1 million miles, the Accord's odometer turned over. It now reads just 75 miles.

"I'm starting over," LoCicero said.

With a new car to get around in, LoCicero is currently trying to sell the famous car.

Also noteworthy: In one million miles, the careful driver received only one speeding ticket. Surely that's another record to be celebrated.