J-Dimps, rapping 80-year-old grandmother, become Internet sensation

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
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She's got "old lady swag," and she's fast becoming an Internet star.

Josephine Lamberti, aka J-Dimps, is a Staten Island grandmother with dance moves that have earned her almost 80,000 Twitter followers.

"Josie Dimples," who was given her rapper name by her 24-year-old grandson, Donny Brandefine, hopes to reach the 800,000 mark — or, even better, the 1-million mark — before she dies.

Brandefine inadvertently launched his grandmother to internet fame when he featured her in one of his YouTube videos:

"Originally I was making these funny workout videos on YouTube, and when I put one on and I used my grandmother in one, she got all these comments about her and how funny she was," he told AARP.

"I'd say it really took off last summer during the whole 'planking' craze, I had my grandmother plank on a couch and Justin Bieber saw it and tweeted about her."

"I figured, let's put Dimps to work here," Brandefine told the New York Times. "It's obvious she's not your average 80-year-old."

Thanks to shoutouts on Twitter from Missy Elliot, Rihanna and the Kardashians, People Magazine has featured the 80-year-old rapper.

Lamberti, who now works part-time at a dance studio owned by her daughter — she says she once danced with Fred Astaire at the Palladium — tweeted her secret to a long, happy life: "lots of red wine and meatballs!"

As for her newfound popularity, Lamberti told AARP that it has given her "a new life."

"My life had been so boring and dull. Go to Tweeting! It keeps you busy, and it's a lot of fun. You're reaching people like movie stars, sports people, you're meeting everybody just by being on this. I just love tweeting, All of a sudden everything opened up! I made the headlines on Staten Island News. I'm getting calls from friends I haven't seen in years. I'm going to be on NBC tonight, last night I was on Channel 7…I don't know why!"

Here's an introduction to J-Dimps:

And here's J-Dimps taking on Ray Lewis: