Jonny Simpson, cystic fibrosis sufferer, sets sights on Mr. Universe competition

Nadine Bells
Good NewsMay 7, 2012

Jonny Simpson, 25, wants to prove that anything is possible.

The cystic fibrosis sufferer is beating the odds — and is determined to outlive the 38-year life expectancy for those with his disease — by becoming an award-winning bodybuilder.

He took up bodybuilding six years ago, when he was waif-like and his lungs were in poor shape.

"Six years ago when I first took it up I weighed just 7 stone (98 pounds) and had really bad lung function, when they start considering you for a lung transplant," he told The Daily Mail. "They didn't think I'd live past my 20s."

"Now I'm more than 11 stone (154 pounds) and I'm 25, living my life to the full and I don't think people would know I even had cystic fibrosis unless they see the scars from where I've had to have operations."

He was recently named Mr. Athletic 2012 — his first bodybuilding win — in the Mr. Elite competition. He hopes to qualify for the Mr. Universe competition this November.

"Six years of hard work are finally paying off," the Penrith, Cumbria, athlete told the Sunday Sun.

Simpson is the "healthiest he has ever been," and must consume 6,000 to 7,000 calories a day — his training diet includes 60 raw eggs a week — eating at two-hour intervals, to maintain his weight.

"I want to be a bodybuilding champion and I really feel like I've beaten the odds," he says.