Little girl grows up having her own dog sled

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

'Tis the season for kids and their pets to make us smile.

Earlier this week, we shared a video of a dog patiently waiting for his toddler owner to satisfy his need to splash in a puddle.

Today heart are melting over a 10-pound Jack Russell towing a 25-pound baby girl on a sled.

The sweet video was first uploaded four years ago. Four years later, that same dog is still providing transportation services for his now-toddler owner.

The dog weighs in at only 12 pounds. The child, however, weighs more than 40.

"We're excited to see the YouTube clip when she hits high school — maybe by then she'll be pulling Diego," writes a Huffington Post blogger.

Neatorama's Zeon Santos urges parents to take extra precaution if they choose to try this at home:

"Just make sure the youngster is properly padded from head to toe, because if the dog happens to spot a squirrel your kid may be in for a bumpy ride!"