Louise Neistat, 92, tap dances to fund cancer research

Nadine Bells
Good News

Louise Neistat was a Rockette during WWII. Her father died of cancer a month before her first show.

Now 92 years old, the energetic dancer still teaches dance in her attic six days a week. She has 70 students.

The secret to her good health in old age? "Keep your mind and body active.  Above all, don't eat a lot of crap. And, Oh, yes, keep climbing stairs.  That's important," Neistat told The Resident in 2009.

Every year for the past 45 years, she's put on a big tap show, donating all the ticket sales proceeds to cancer research.

Neistat's grandson, Casey Neistat, pays tribute to the inspiring woman who "wants to cure cancer with her dancing" in a touching video.

"Nana is my muse," Casey wrote in the YouTube video's description. And rightly so.