Man picks late wife’s lucky numbers, wins the lottery

"Kathy, our numbers hit."

In the three months since his wife of 26 years died of cancer, David Greeson, 51, had been playing the lottery every single night. Each time, he picked the same five numbers, each of them in honour of his beloved Kathy.

"Her birthday was 11/23/57 and we were married on the 31st of October. Since her passing on Dec. 6, I've played those numbers every night. 5 , 7, 11, 23, 31," he told WTVC.

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On Feb. 25, Greeson was one of three players to match all five numbers in the Fantasy 5 drawing. His lucky numbers won him $77,922.

"I hope it's a sign from her that she's ok," he said.

"I needed something to lift me up," he told WSB-TV. "I may take a couple of trips."

Because his wife loved to travel, Greeson plans to use his winnings to return to some of the important places they visited throughout their marriage.

(Reuters Photo/Nacho Doce)